FF Type-0 HD - Solution and Guide - Initial Strategy

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a game that will satisfy the demands of many fans by presenting a gameplay full of features, content, secrets, objectives, missions and whoever has more. There are a lot of things to do and see, enemies to fight and friends to help, but it can be difficult to understand which of these things will give you great rewards and which ones to face, perhaps, later. This first part of our guide to the game, will help you to unravel the basic strategies of the title in order to understand how to set the adventure without losing sight of the important things and trying to complete each mission with maximum results!


In Type-0 HD we'll have over 10 characters that we can use on missions as needed. Taking the field with an unbalanced team is equivalent to losing in a few attacks so this first advice is to create a suitable team because, as the title title the best team does not exist but there are many good combinations:
The goal in creating the appropriate team is to have a mix of talents such as a MIXTURE character, a DISTANCE character, a character with a HEALING spell or an OFFENSIVE spell, the type of offensive spell (fire, ice, etc..) depends on the type of enemy to face. You can combine these talents depending on the need and preferences of the player, ACE is a character able to mix well offensive spells and ranged attacks with cards, SEVEN mixes melee attacks with powerful offensive spells, etc.. The important thing is to always try to have the features described in the 3 characters that will make up your team, in the most advanced stages, reached a certain level, you can even assemble these features with only 2 characters in order to leave you a free slot for the pg that you consider most appropriate.

Beware, however, because once created you won't always be able to get stuck on the same trio because the game will require you to change characters for some of the main missions but especially for secondary quests that often require a specific character to be started and completed.


In Final Fantasy Type-0 HD the best defense is neither a good attack nor a powerful defense, the real strength is not to be hit at all. Learning to dodge at the right time allows you not to be hit by virtually no enemy attack especially if you learn to observe your opponents and to hit the exact moment they are about to attack you. Each enemy, before attacking makes a precise movement, loads a shot, advances a few steps, observation is the most powerful weapon you have, if you do not learn and understand the right time to dodge, many of the enemies of the game will be very difficult to shoot down, especially the secret bosses. Precisely for this reason we recommend you, in addition to careful observation of enemy movements, also invest your first points of strengthening on the dodging skills, the speed with which to perform it, the reduction of energy used to dodge, etc. ...


During the game, you will very often face missions for which you are not yet ready.
Don't be heroes, if you just can't make it, it's useless to keep dying and dying, open the menu and select LEAVE MISSION, in this way you will return to Akademeia just before leaving for the mission just abandoned. The experience levels achieved in the mission will be maintained, as well as the items collected, the Phantoms, the Chocobo, everything. This way you can also easily level up by searching for the mission that is right for you.


At the beginning of each mission you will be asked if you would like to activate SUPPORT. This possibility allows Akademeia's support to intervene in the mission, which will help you to fight in the most difficult phases. Great, if it were not for the fact that the supports replace your comrades, are not directly controllable, you take the experience of enemies shot down and basically make you lose the reins of the mission. Our advice is to activate them only after you have acquired a deep knowledge of the mission to face, so that they help you to quickly eliminate minor enemies to devote yourself to completing the mission in a short time and get a high degree of completion.


The best rank you can get in mission is the letter S. To get it the basic requirements are basically three, namely TIME, SURVIVAL and KILLING. Finishing a mission quickly, without ever dying and killing everything that moves, you will definitely get the highest rank, unfortunately it's not an easy result and in many missions you will have to go back over and over again but the S is not only a reason for pride or useful to unlock a trophy. By obtaining this high rank you'll unlock powerful items that will serve to customize your numerous heroes to the maximum.


There's a special character skill called Double Spell, Twin Spell. This skill is one of the first ones you can buy for your heroes and provides a double slot for offensive spells. Really very useful if it weren't for the fact that having two spells is equivalent to wasting double the MPs and why load a character with spells when they can be shared with the other members of the team? The Double Spell ability only becomes useful the second or third time you tackle the story, when the high level of your MPs is no longer affected by the ongoing exhaustion problem. If you really want to buy it, however, try to have a character who doesn't require a high number of experience points learn it because the double spell has a different cost depending on the character who learns it.


Between missions you may happen to have some "free time" that at the end of the free time accounts has only the name because you'll have to spend this time to complete additional mini-quests, talk to other characters to deepen the subplots, unlock items, get experience points and much more where a mountain of things to do will not leave you anything free.


In Type-0, knowledge is entrusted to Moogle sages. Speaking with your class 0 master, or Agito, you can get special training missions that will progress as you unlock others. These quests will turn you into perfect warriors but will become more and more complicated as you progress. Finishing them all in the first playtrough is a big effort, our advice is to tackle them a bit 'at a time during the various games.


One of the great novelties of Type-0 can be found in the management of the Chocobo that, for the first time compared to the other episodes of the series, are managed as if they were consumable items. The Chocobo can in fact be used freely to wander around the world map using them as a simple potion. Once evoked the chocobo will gallop with you until its duration expires and once finished it will bring the nice animal back to the Ranch at Akademeia where we can breed and get new feathers.
Breeding Chocobos is very simple and remember, for those who have played them, the method of breeding seen in the various versions of Pokemon for the Nintendo handheld system. It's about leaving a Male Chocobo and a Female Chocobo on the ranch, along with some Ghisal grass. Then just wait six hours and the two chocobo will have become parents of a beautiful litter!

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