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Faxanadu is a video game made by Hudson Soft in 1987, first published in Japan and later (in 1989) in North America.

His arrival on NES Europe instead dates back to the following year, 1990. The name of the game, Faxanadu, was licensed by the game developer Nihon Falcon (Falcon) while the title, according to some, is basically a side-story of Xanadu, the second game in the long series Dragon Slayer of Falcom. 
A name that derives from the union of the terms Famicom and Xanadu, a very entertaining game that is worth having in your collection. And if despite your efforts you fail to complete it, no problem: here are the Password and some useful tricks.


AGF4AAkQAMBO - 10,000 experience points with the magic shield
k8fPcv?, TwSYzGZQhMIQhCEA - All objects
aLf? cv?, IJNJjMFukpYQhA - Start in Dartmoor
DL7, cv20SoWOx2XIbBL4PhA - Start Daybreak
B4qMAPtkCEAYxzwhA - Start at Forepaw
zKPcAvt1iEQoFzwhAxjA - Start in Mascon
Raz8Mvu0CIUKLhsHwgWEA - Start at Victim
IQhCEIQ, KL ?? 8v? 8oJMZjQNS - Final password

At the beginning of the game, when the King gives you 1.500 gold, spend them all so that you have 0 gold. The King will give you another 1.500 gold. You can repeat the operation as many times as you want.

At the start of the game, go to the right and get killed by the dwarf. When you return, your life and magic will be restored.

Faxanadu - NES


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