Far Cry New Dawn - Guide to Trophies and Achievements

Similar to the basic game, Far Cry New Dawn is always set in the now famous Hope County, which has been devastated by the effects of a large-scale nuclear war. Precisely for this reason, the green and lush landscapes that we had the opportunity to explore in Far Cry 5 will be "slightly" modified in this New Dawn, as well as different will be the enemies that we will face and the vehicles that we will have to drive.

If you're looking for the fastest way to get to the platinum trophy Far Cry New Dawn , we highly recommend that you follow our guide to the trophies and achievements of the game Ubisoft, which will simplify your life.

Before proceeding any further, it is necessary to make a necessary premise: THIS GUIDE TO TROPHIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS CONTAINS SPOILER ON THE TRAMA OF GAME! Proceed with the reading at your own risk.

As also happened in the illustrious predecessors of New Dawn, also in this case, when the game is over, we will have access to a free roaming phase, in which we can safely obtain all the missing trophies, except one: "Honorary Scout".

In this case, in fact, after you have bought all the maps, the scouts will disappear, but don't worry too much: you can safely get the target in question in a new game, without wasting too much time.

In advice we have to give you is always to enjoy, first, the plot of the game and, a face completed the main quest, to devote yourself to the trophies that remain.

Far Cry New Dawn - Trophies and Achievements Guide


Prosperity must prosper

Help Carmina to get back to her mother in Prosperity. Host only.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Grace's welcome return

Retrieve the prototype of Grace's weapon and make her return to Prosperity for good. Host only.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Find the stuff

Get Selene's precious stuff back. Host only.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Wiki-Bean-ia in business

Help Bean recover his business plan to create an information network in Prosperity. Host only.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

The Guns for Hire

Bring Nick, Carmina and Kim Rye back together. Host only.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Shipping and Retreat

Complete your first expedition forcing the Road Warriors to abandon a fortress.

For this achievement, we refer you to the gold trophy description "Get a move on".

Honorary scout

Gather information 10 times by talking to Wiki-Bean-ia's scouts. Host only.


Wiki-Bean-ia Scouts are NPCs that will appear on the game map at random. You will be able to meet them both in wooded areas and, most importantly, near outposts after you have cleared them. If you decide to talk to these characters, they will reveal some very useful information, such as Treasure Hunts or the location of Guns for Hire.

Our advice is to work on this trophy during the main plot, you'll probably get it without even realizing it.

However, by the time you have discovered all the places in the game, alone or by buying maps in their shops, the scouts in question will no longer have information to give you and, for this reason, will no longer appear in the various areas of Far Cry New Dawn . According to what is now written, the trophy in question is the only one missing.

Fear not! In case you run into this situation, simply start a new game, search for scouts and in a few minutes you will have solved the problem.

Possession counts as title

He plundered one of the Road Warriors' supplies. Watch out, you won't be alone!

Just like in other games (Fortnite on all), there Far Cry New Dawn will also be crates of supplies that will literally be parachuted by planes. You won't be able to get confused, as a special writing will appear in the lower left corner of the screen, and the crate, as soon as it touches the ground, will start to emit an unmistakable yellow smoke.

You'll reach the cashier and you'll realize that there will be enemies coming to defend it shortly. Defeat them, press the rate to open the trunk and you'll get the trophy.


Collect 15 plants of Hope County. They're the closest thing to medicine now.

Despite appearances, the trophy in question is quite easy to get. The plants grow pretty much everywhere on the New Dawn map, and you'll just need to wander around for 15/20 minutes to find what you need. There are three different types of plants in the game world:

  • Yucca - found near and within forests;
  • Bouganville - available near rivers and lakes;
  • Cistanche - found along the paths and inside the caves;

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Sack an outpost. You can always make it your own. Host only.

Just like in previous Far Cry, in New Dawn, once you've conquered an outpost, you can "reset" it by interacting with the workbench inside it.

With this procedure, you'll be rewarded with 50 ethanol units (which you can use to upgrade your base) and you'll be called upon to defeat the enemies occupying the outpost again.

The procedure can be repeated several times, with ethanol rewards and increasing difficulties, but for the purpose of the trophy, you only need to reset the outpost once.

The house is the one you build yourself

Improve Prosperity's infrastructure for the first time by using what you need. Host only.

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Sidecar helper

Drive with Timber for a total of 5 minutes. But don't take him to the vet!

To achieve this achievement you will first have Far Cry New Dawn to release Timber, the Fangs for Hire dog. Second, you'll have to perform his secondary mission called "Man Eat Dog World"; once you've completed the quest, go to your garage and build the "Rusty Sidecar", the first vehicle on the list.

Every time you find yourself in an outpost with a garage, press the you will generate the transport in question. Make sure Timber is part of your roster, get on the vehicle and wait for your four-legged friend to do the same.

Once this is done, drive for five minutes (even in one race) and the trophy will be yours.

White gold

Steal a tanker full of ethanol and take it to one of your outposts.

You may come across these ethanol tankers in the areas adjacent to the outposts. In this case, all you have to do is kill the driver and drive the vehicle to the nearest outpost so you can take possession of its precious cargo.

Remember that these tankers can explode very easily; for this very reason, make sure to kill all possible enemies around it first and then the driver.

Finders keep

Complete 3 treasure hunt missions. Host only.

The maps for the treasure hunt can be bought at the appropriate shops, available only after releasing Bean. In this case, there will be 10 places to do such searches. Fortunately, only 3 treasure hunts have to be completed for the trophy.

Concluding these side quests will be of great importance, as you will get 3 points to use to develop your perks, as well as large amounts of virtual currency.

Safe-deposit box emptyer

Break into five safes. In the absence of banks, it's the closest thing to a hit.

In order to break into a safe, you will first need to buy the special "Lock Picking" perk. Most of them will be available during treasure hunts, but you can also find them in other places.

For this purpose, you will only need to break into 5 safes and, fortunately, there are many more in the game. Follow the video to get the achievement as quickly as possible.

How do I look, Doctor?

Make 10 medical kits. They'll come in handy.

You can decide to create the medical kits at virtually any time during the game. Simply press the touchpad and open the "Consumable items" section. To craft the medikit, you need three ingredients:

  • Bouganville = this plant of
  • Chistance = this yellow map will be found at the edge of the paths and/or inside the caves in the game;
  • Meat = the easiest ingredient: you get it simply by inspecting the carcasses of the animals you have killed;

As soon as you have all the necessary items, make the Medical Kits and get the trophy.

Kill or die

Kill a mutant animal. He'd do the same to you if you gave him half a chance.

As the name might suggest, these animals are among the strongest opponents you'll encounter during your adventures in the game world of Far Cry New Dawn . They can take a lot of damage, as well as cause a lot of it; you'll distinguish them from other animals because of their Mutant Bear health bar. No matter which one you decide to kill, just know that one will be enough to get the trophy in question.

Equip yourself with a legendary weapon to make the fight that awaits you much easier.

The Paladin's secret

Find Sam Fisher's suit in the destroyed government air shipment.

During the fifth expedition, you will find the carcass of the Government Airplane, distinguishable thanks to its interior through the blue scale and hold down the to interact with the computer that you will find inside; doing so, in fact, you will open the passage to a secret area above.

Take out the two enemies you will meet and interact with the door of the room, behind which you will find Sam Fisher's suit.


Rediscover beautiful music from the past. Find all hidden MP3 players. Host only.

Follow the directions in the video to find all MP3 players without any problem.

My little fortress

Make Prosperity bigger than ever! Improve all infrastructure to the highest level. Host only.

In order to develop the infrastructure at your base of operations, located in Prosperity, you must first recruit the five Specialists. Don't confuse them with Guns for Hire: these are five NPCs that you will encounter in the normal course of the game, and which you can recruit in Act 2.

In order to improve the various buildings present in the base of Prosperity you will need ethanol, which you can recover from tankers, conquering (and/or resetting) the various outposts or raiding the supply crates that will be cyclically parachuted into the game world.

Each building will have three improvements: make them all and you will get the trophy. Here is a list of all the buildings to be developed:

  • Garage
  • Training camp
  • Workbench
  • Infirmary
  • Shipping
  • Explosives laboratory
  • Healing Garden
  • Cartographer


You get at least one skin of every kind of animal in Hope County. It's a perfectly normal thing to do.

We are currently working on a guide on how and where to find all the animals in Far Cry New Dawn . Stay tuned so that you don't miss even one of our updates.


Create 3 weapons. They don't have to be pretty, they just have to work!

In order to create the weapons, you must have unlocked the Workbench at an outpost. Retrieve the materials you need for crafting through shipments and make three weapons to get the trophy.

Mixed fried

Catch one of every fish in Hope County. Go omega-3!

Follow the directions in the video to get the trophy in question.

Field Pig

Recruit Horace. Don't mind his temper. Host only.

To obtain the trophy in question we refer you to the description of the achievement "No more applications accepted".


Use 3 smoke grenades.

To make the smoke grenades, simply press the L1 button, scroll until you come across the relevant item in the "Throwing Objects" section. When you have done so, press the to make them. Repeat the procedure three times to obtain the trophy.

Here are the two ingredients you'll need to have for crafting:

  • Yucca = you'll find this plant at the edge of forests, or inside them;
  • Gunpowder = search the bodies of killed enemies to find this ingredient;

It's super effective!

Hit a hit man in the head with armor-piercing ammunition.

First you will need to get a weapon capable of firing this kind of bullets. Assault rifles with a rarity grade of the appropriate menu item to replenish your gun mouth with armor-piercing ammunition.

Once the selected weapon is equipped, press the R1 button and select this special ammunition. After that, all you have to do is take a headshot of a hitman. The assassins are among the strongest enemies in the game Far Cry New Dawn ; you'll find two of them in level 3 outposts, or by alerting a level 2 outpost, you'll see one of your reinforcements arrive.

The company halves the trip

Complete 3 shipments with a coop partner.

To unlock the expeditions, all you have to do is talk to the helicopter pilot at your base of operations in Prosperity, and they can be started by consulting the appropriate newspaper.

To invite a friend, all you have to do is access the main screen, press the touchpad and the to select the friend in question from your list. If you are already inside the Story Mode, all you have to do is press the touchpad and, with the R1 key, reach the "Online" item of the game menu.

We remind our readers that this game mode has no matchmaking, so you'll need to find someone willing to help you.

Up close there is more taste

Kill 25 enemies with any kind of kill. Use that railroad spike properly!

To perform a takedown, all you have to do is position yourself silently behind an enemy and, once you reach them, press the R3 button. Secondly, you'll also be able to jump on an enemy from an elevated place, for a much more spectacular abatement.

It goes without saying that, going forward in the game, you'll encounter stronger enemies and that, therefore, the normal shootdowns will lose their function. But don't worry: you only need to buy the appropriate perk from the menu to continue your "cleanup work".

For the purposes of this trophy, the best way to get it is by farming in the outposts, resetting them after conquering them and killing as many enemies as possible by shooting them down.

You can keep count of the victims killed with the culling by consulting the item "Statistics and Ranking" in the Pause Menu.

The Captain is brave

Kill your first hitman. You will send the right message to the Road Warriors.

To unlock this kind of enemy, all you have to do is alert an outpost. You will recognize the hitmen from the health bar of an outpost called "The Island" (Level 3), located in the northernmost area of the game map. Within this area you will find the Beaters, which are enemies carrying a bulletproof shield. One of them will be found in the area northeast of the outpost in question, while two others will be on the boat that controls the area.

After killing them, take their shields and launch them at other enemy soldiers by pressing the R3 key. Remember that by launching the shield, you will only damage 50% of your opponents' health; for this very reason, make sure you take at least half of their life before pressing R3.

Again, the trophy can be obtained by resetting the outpost after you have won it.

One on top of the other

Acquire the 5th level of an upgradeable stretch. You can't get enough of some things.

Every perk in Far Cry New Dawn can be upgraded by purchasing the relevant upgrades in the game menu. For this achievement, we recommend that you focus on the least expensive skill, "More Lung Capacity", whose upgrades will only cost 3 skill points each.

Run, you fools!

Without wings there's less resistance, right? Take a short flight aboard the wingless plane.

To unlock the aircraft without wings, you'll first have to recruit Nick Rye, one of the specialists present in Far Cry New Dawn . You'll get this NPC already during the first chapter of the game's plot, or during the second chapter, when you'll be forced to recruit practically all the specialists.

As soon as you have recruited the character in question, you can make the vehicle appear at the special boat shed at your Prosperity base, selecting it from the list of vehicles and pressing the button to materialize it.

Secondly, you'll have to make dynamite, throw it into the water and pass over it with your boat. In this way, you can use the explosion to blow the vehicle into the air for a few seconds, then land comfortably in the water and get the trophy.


Kill 10 hitters with a chainsaw. They don't stand a chance.

Again, you'll have to kill the hitters you'll find at the outpost called "The Island". You'll find three of them, and you can use any chainsaw you want, but it's better to use those capable of killing enemies with a single shot. For the purpose of the trophy, the best strategy is to reset the outpost after conquering it, so that the hitters appear again and kill them a second, a third and a fourth time with the chainsaw.

Hats off to you

Blow up an enemy's helmet with a loaded melee attack.

Enemies at level 2 or above (distinguishable by blue, purple, or yellow health bar) will wear a helmet. To blow it up, all you have to do is select your fists from the weapons wheel and hold down the R2 button for a few moments. In this way, you'll set up a loaded melee attack, flying your opponent's helmet off and unlocking the target in question.

Anger Control

Eliminate 10 enemies with a single activation of Ira.

To get this trophy, you must purchase at least two perks: "Rage" and "Touch of Eden". If the first skill will allow you to accumulate and unleash Wrath, the second will give you the ability to reload the corresponding bar by performing the knockdowns. By also unlocking the "Master Takedowns" skill you can also take down hit men, which will make your life a lot easier.

Usually, Wrath will greatly increase the damage inflicted by melee attacks, but it has the defect of lasting only a few moments. The ideal, therefore, is to quickly reload the bar by executing the knockdowns, so that the state of Wrath lasts longer.

The best place to get the trophy in question is the "Point Signal" outpost (Level 3). This is the smallest outpost present in Far Cry New Dawn , where the enemies present are very close to each other.

Activate the Wrath, let your opponents locate you and press the R3 button to execute the knockdowns, better if they are executed in series; in this way, you will reload the bar and you will get the trophy in no time. Be careful not to hold the button down too long, as doing so will deactivate Wrath. If the kill prompt doesn't activate right away, turn around your enemies and press R3 until you do.

If it fails, conquer and reset the outpost to try again until you can unlock the target.

Hey, Father, look at this.

Make an aerial felling after performing the Leap of Faith.

In order to get this trophy, you must first unlock the "Leap of Faith" perk, which can be obtained during the second chapter of the game. This skill will allow you, in practice, to make a double jump, which you can use to perform a felling.

The ideal is to shoot down a stationary enemy, perhaps in an outpost to conquer. For any indecision, follow what is shown in the attached video.


Unlock the first level of all traits.

The traits are none other than the above mentioned perks. Far Cry New Dawn will make 30 of them available to you and, to get the trophy in question, you will need to accumulate 182 skill points, the ones needed to unlock the first level of all the skills in the game.

Although at first glance they may seem like a lot, simply unlocking the trophies will get you many points, and many more will be obtained simply by killing enemies with the various weapons in the game, even depending on the simple degree of rarity. If you're looking for a quick way to get skill points, we highly recommend treasure hunts: in just 30 minutes, you'll be able to easily finish all searches, getting 30 skill points.


Survive a 30m fall using only the Leap of Faith to neutralize the impact.

To get this trophy, you must first unlock the "Leap of Faith" perk. After doing so, all you have to do is jump out of a helicopter and press the just before you hit the ground.

For any indecision, see the attached video.

Far Cry New Dawn - Trophies and Achievements Guide



Power up and secure Prosperity. Host only.

Trophy linked to the game plot, impossible to miss.

Return to Eden

Take Father back to New Eden. Host only.

Trophy linked to the game plot, impossible to miss.

Problem Solver

Solve Hope County's biggest problem by defeating the Twins. Host only.

Trophy related to the game plot, impossible to miss.

No more applications accepted

Recruit all the mercenaries. Host only.

In Far Cry New Dawn will be 8 mercenaries. Two of them will be automatically recruited during the main plot of the game, so you can not miss them; all the others, however, must be found and "hired" individually.

A guide is being developed on where to find and how to recruit all mercenaries. Stay tuned so you don't miss any of our updates.

The First

Find the locations where the souvenir photos were taken and admire what Hope County was like. Host only.

Follow the directions in the video to get the trophy in question.

Pure ninja

Clear an outpost on level III without getting caught.

First of all, it should be noted that a level 3 outpost will only be achievable by resetting a previously conquered level 2 outpost. It goes without saying that once this is done, the enemies that will occupy the area will be much stronger than those you got rid of before.

To make your life easier, you'll need to unlock the "Master Takedowns" perk to take down the strongest enemies, and get the "Blood Dragon Recurve Bow", one of the most powerful bows in Far Cry New Dawn the game. It's the best weapon to achieve your goal, both for silent kills and the ability to kill enemies with a single shot.

In this respect, the bow is preferable to the sniper rifle, which, if it doesn't kill the enemy at the first shot, would blow up all your plans for glory.

The ideal place to get this trophy is at the "Signal Point" outpost, the smallest on the map, with all enemies close by and comfortably under fire.

All your bases

Clear all outposts at least once on level III.

To get this trophy, you must first clear all outposts. In the game there are 10 outposts and once you free them, you can "reset" them to repeat the challenge, but at a higher level of difficulty. The maximum level you can reach is level III, recognizable by the level III outpost, three stars will appear on the game map, confirming the success of the task.

The advice is to use the bow, the ideal weapon to kill enemies with a single shot, as well as an assault rifle, in case you should be discovered.

The legend goes

Create your first weapon or your first legendary vehicle to become a legend yourself.

To get this trophy, you will first have to develop the workbench or garage, at the Prosperity base, at the highest possible level, the third one. To develop these buildings to the maximum, you'll need a lot of ethanol, which can be found either by clearing outposts, stealing tankers, or carrying out expeditions.

Expert archer

Kill an enemy more than 100 meters away with a normal arrow.

The best bow to get this trophy is the "Lucky Shot Compound Bow", which you can get at your workbench (provided you have developed it at level 3). This bow has a range of 100 meters, which will make your life much easier.

At this point, go to the outpost "The Watering Hole" in the northeast area of the game map, unlock the perk "Binoculars" and use it to place yourself 100 meters away from the area. Once this is done, shoot the arrows at the nearest target until you unlock the trophy.

Come to the point

Finish off an enemy assassin with a bayonet.

In this case, you must first obtain or develop a weapon with a bayonet. Not all guns have this feature; what you will most easily obtain is the "Makeshift AK-47" ("> - Trophies and Goals Far Cry New Dawn Guide


The end of Eden

Decide the fate of the Father. Host only.

Trophy linked to the main plot, impossible to miss.

Get a move on

Complete 7 different expeditions at difficulty level III.

In Far Cry New Dawn there are 7 expeditions to do, and level 3 is the highest difficulty. First, you will have to perform all possible upgrades of the Expedition Center in the base of Prosperity. At this point, talk to the pilot to unlock the expeditions, and start them from the diary. Each time you succeed in overcoming an expedition, its difficulty will increase.

In total you have to beat each Shipment 3 times (Grade 1> Grade 2> Grade 3). Grade 3 will have a purple difficulty icon. As soon as you have completed what you requested, you will see an icon with three stars appear, a sign that you will not have to repeat the mission beyond that.

The standard actions to perform on expeditions are quite simple: you'll always have to reach smoke signals, collect the loot inside a crate and then reach an extraction point where you'll have to wait for the helicopter and escape. The place where you will start is always random, just as the place where the crate will be located and the extraction point will be random.

The principle is always the same in all expeditions. It is highly recommended that you first unlock the Legendary Weapons (improving the Weapon Workbench at Prosperity). Also stock up on medikits and smoke grenades, which can be created in the game menu.

Far Cry New Dawn - Trophies and Achievements Guide



You get all the trophies.

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