Far Cry 5 How to Destroy All Cult Outposts & Properties

If you've already jumped headlong into Far Cry 5, you'll immediately realize that there's so much, so much work to be done. Getting the better of Cult will take a lot of time and effort, and getting to cut the head off this dangerous snake will not be an easy task. One of the fundamental steps to destroy this violent sect from its foundations is to attack its outposts, freeing them from the annoying presence of its occupants. Precisely for this reason, we will tell you in this guide what are the best ways to approach these missions, so as to guarantee you the best possible result.

Far Cry 5: How to defeat John, Jacob and Faith.

Let's start immediately by saying that you can fight your war against the cult either alone or in co-op with a friend of yours. After a short introductory movie, Far Cry 5 will show itself in all its magnificence and in all its vastness of open world action. You will immediately understand that the game map is divided into three large regions (or territories), each one belonging and under the direct control of a leading exponent of the cult. The Jacob region, for example, includes the Whitetail mountains; the Faith region, on the other hand, embraces many of the areas touched by the Henbane River, while John's territory extends throughout the Holland Valley. In each of these regions you will find your own set of missions to complete, Worship outposts to liberate, Worship property to destroy and specialists to recruit.

You will often come across Jacob, Faith and John at various points in Far Cry 5. However, you will only be able to reach and face the three main Cult leaders when you reach level 4 Resistance in each territory. The level now mentioned is determined on the basis of a score, which will increase each time your activities have an impact against the Cult. In short, in order to increase your score, you will have to perform all the actions we have previously mentioned.

How to earn Resistance Points in Far Cry 5

How to defeat our enemy?

Despite the fact that John Seed, the leader of the Cult in Far Cry 5, makes his great impression at the beginning of the game, to defeat him you'll have to go a long way, doing a whole series of other activities in the various areas of Montana. It goes without saying that to make your way to "the Father", you'll first have to deal with his three heralds: Jacob, Faith and John. The moment we defeat them, we will arrive at the final battle. However, you'll also need to do some side work to face Seed's three "lieutenants". The goal is to increase your level of Resistance through the score we mentioned earlier.

There are several types of activities that you can do to increase your prestige in the ranks of the Resistance. Below, we list them all:

  • Complete missions;
  • Clear a Worship outpost;
  • Destroy a Worship property;
  • Kill a Cult VIP (which will be made recognizable by a special marker above his head);
  • Capture the trucks;
  • Release the hostages;
  • Helping members of the resistance;
  • Helping civilians;

How to get the maximum reward from the release of the Cult outposts

For the final victory, you will need loyal allies.

As in previous chapters of the series, here too we will have to destroy the various camps of our enemies, and even in this case, each outpost stolen from the Cult will guarantee us a reward. You can decide to free these strongholds by entering with rifles flattened and killing anyone who gets in your way. However, this way you'll push your enemies to sound the alarm, bringing in even more Cultists. Not only that, but this way you won't get the maximum possible reward. For these two reasons, we recommend a stealth approach for this kind of activity.

The moment you manage to clear a cult outpost without being detected (without triggering any alarms, basically), you'll be rewarded with more money per mission accomplished. Obviously, to achieve this result, you'll have to be stealthy. Stay crouching and hide in the bushes as much as possible, and use only silent melee kills when approaching an enemy from behind. As you will have understood, being "invisible" will be of paramount importance. To make it easier for you, you may also decide to sabotage the alarms. You'll find three alarms in each outpost and once deactivated, you'll greatly reduce the risk of seeing reinforcements coming for your enemies.

Why do it all by yourself when you can co-op?

We're not going to lie to you: to liberate a Cult outpost in this way, without raising the alarm and remaining virtually invisible, is quite an arduous undertaking. Life will also be complicated by the stealth system of Far Cry 5, which is definitely not the best of its kind, and will not always make it easy to stay hidden. A fundamental help, in this respect, is represented by the black and white curved bars that will be displayed when an enemy has noticed your presence. The more these bars fill up, the closer the alert will be. However, you can use the help of your most "stealthy" allies. In this respect, Peaches and Jess Black are ideal for getting rid of outpost occupants without being noticed.

But if you want a flesh and blood ally, you can always invite a friend to co-op with you. The main campaign and Arcade mode of Far Cry 5 can be played in collaboration with friends on PS4, Xbox One, PC (although cross-play is not available). To invite a friend into the game, simply go to the main menu (the one with the map, for example) and scroll to "Online". From there you can select "Invite friends" and display a screen that will allow you to invite other players. From this same item you can also access Far Cry Arcade and Far Cry 5 Live Events.

However, an important premise must be made: during the co-op mission of the main Far Cry 5 campaign, the host is the only player who will get the data and the result saved. The invited player will play the same role as NPC. Precisely for this reason, the progress and results obtained at the end of the mission will not extend to him.

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