Family Island Game Analysis

Family Island is a fun game that proposes to enjoy an action-packed adventure set on a tropical island with lots of surprises. You land on this island with nothing but the help of the family that inhabits it and from then on you have to manage to build and manage all the resources necessary for survival. It is a game distributed by Melsoft Games and is available for Android and iOS.

The Family Island trailer

On this island the player will have to attend to the requests or needs of the family that catches him, the one formed by Bruce, Eva and their children. The city that was located in this location was destroyed by a volcano, so the main mission of the player is to recreate everything so that this family can recover their comforts and have their basic needs met, all with a lot of humor and in an adventure full of surprises. You'll see it in detail in this Family Island trailer.

Energy in Family Island

In this game you have a limited amount of energy so you must spend it with a bit of strategy, as you run out of energy points you can not continue working until you get enough for each task. With enough energy you can advance in Family Island and enjoy the game to the fullest, so we are going to give you some tips to get it:

  • Cooking food provides energy.
  • You also get it from eating berries and fruits.
  • Clearing the land consumes energy, but also offers a reward in the form of energy.
  • On the GumsUp platform you get free Energy.
  • The totem on the island gives free Energy after a few hours.

What is Energy for?

Energy is very important in this game and now you know how to get it or recover it. To make it clear, we show you its main uses in Family Island:

  • It is essential to complete the missions.
  • Energy controls the user's activity.
  • Thanks to Energy, you can explore and build without limits.
  • It gives you a major advantage throughout the game.

Rubies in Family Island

Energy is not the only important thing in this game. Rubies are the premium currencies in Family Island and can be used to precisely recover energy or to buy market facilities. They are obtained in the gift packs that are scattered all over the islands. As the player clears the fog and new locations are discovered, large amounts of gift packs are found. Opening these gift packs will earn you free rubies.

Obtaining the necessary resources

In game chests you can get the resources you need to thrive on Family Island, the only problem will be getting the key to open them. You can get the medium gift key from the merchant which you can claim by completing orders, then use the key to open the chest. Inside you will find rewards such as resources, rubies and so on.

The Family Island Review

Family Island is a very entertaining game that engages different types of players thanks to its simplicity, good graphics and pace. As with virtually all products, it has its strengths and weaknesses so we are going to show you its advantages and disadvantages. This way you will be able to get a more complete analysis.

The advantages

  • The game is easy to play and accessible.
  • The graphics of Family Isand are very good.
  • It is adapted to all audiences and is fun for all ages.

The disadvantages

  • Some updates can cause problems.
  • Energy runs out very quickly.
  • It can be difficult to replenish the energy needed.

Guide to playing Family Island

This game is for the whole family, so getting started is simple and intuitive for users of all ages. However, as with all types of games, it's a good idea to know a few things and take certain points into account when you start playing. For you to know a little better how to do it, we show you this guide.

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