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    Fallout 76: How to Repair the Nuclear Power Plant

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    The Poseidon Ignition is a Fallout 76 event. It is a quest that appears over and over again, a timed event that allows you to repair a nuclear power plant and claim it as a workshop. To do so, you must repair three separate systems:

    • cooling
    • reactor
    • generator

    Some players have problems with this event, not knowing how to repair the equipment or where to find it. This guide will help you complete Fallout 76's Poseidon Power-up Event by showing you how to repair the power plant.

    Fallout 76 | How to repair the Poseidon nuclear power plant

    To repair the plant and complete the event, you need to maintain in three distinct areas: cooling, generator and reactor.

    Repair the cooling system

    The Quest's marker will take you to the area where repairs are to be made, but will not direct you to faulty equipment. This is a deal you're gonna have to make on your own. When you get to the cooling area, you will see a group of brown pipes snaking around the place. Some of them will have strips on them - these are the ones that can break. Keep your eyes open for steam coming out of the pipes - when you see it, come closer and interact with the pipe to seal it.

    Repairing the generator

    Then there's the generator area, which is a dark place. You have to look for malfunctioning terminals with sparks coming out of them. Interact with them and they'll light up like Christmas trees. Once you've fixed enough of them, the generator will fill up and you'll be able to move on to the next area.

    Repairing the reactor

    The reactor area is a bit complicated, since to get there you need to make jumps and balance in some dangerous spots, all of which can be uncomfortable when playing first person. There's also a lot of radiation here, so be sure to stock up on Rad Away and Rad-X, or have a suit that protects you from radiation, like the Hazmat suit. You can find one in a container on the roof of the Poseidon power station. The puzzle itself is a mix of the two, so you'll need to solve both pipe leaks and control console failures.

    When you are finished, the marker will take you to the main control room, which is where you will use a terminal to restart the nuclear power plant. This will complete the event and allow you to reclaim the workshop, the one that has a node that produces fusion cores.

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