Excitebike NES cheats and codes

Excitebike it's a motocross driving simulation video game developed and manufactured by Nintendo in 1984. Published for NES, Excitebike was later also converted for Game Boy Advance and Virtual Console.

Excitebike also had two sequels official, called Excitebike 64 and Excitebike World Challenge; then there are two other unofficial titles, Excite Truck and Excitebots Trick Racing, inspired by the original 1984 videogame. The aim of the game is to compete in some circuits and to score the best possible time, in order to qualify for the final championship.
The bike is maneuvered using the directional arrows and the A and B keys are used to accelerate. With the B button the bike goes faster, yes, but the engine overheats  quickly, until the motorcycle stops if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. The bike can also be controlled during jumps, which is necessary if you want to land safely without crashing. In its simplicity, an absolutely fantastic game!


Keep changing lanes to cut off your opponents. Do a 5 second half wheelie every 30 seconds of the race - if you succeed, your speed will increase.

You know when you fall and your bike takes a long time to start again?

To start off at full speed, press button B continuously and very quickly.

Reset the NES during the game to hear more music both on the home screen and during the game.

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