Etrian Odyssey - Nintendo DS cheats and codes

Etrian Odyssey it's a dungeon crawler video game developed by Atlus to Nintendo DS, the portable console of the Japanese giant.

The game is the first in the series of Etrian Odyssey and followed by Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard and Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City. These two titles, unfortunately, were not released in Europe. The game starts with the protagonist having to register his own Gilda (Guild) and a whole series of characters to whom to give a name, a class and an image that represents him. There are 4 portraits available, two male and two female, for each class.
The characters are then arranged in party, in the team, consisting of a front line and a rear line, a solution that we have already seen in some famous games, just think of some chapters of Final Fantasy. Each line sees the presence of a maximum of 3 characters and the party can host a total of 5 characters. Etrian Odyssey is basically divided into two zones: the city, where the primary structures such as shop, tavern, hospital and inn are located) and the dungeon, where the exploration phase and the fighting.

The dungeon is structured as a three-dimensional environment divided into squares and, with each step taken, a combat turn corresponds.

After reaching the 4th layer, go to the 16th floor where you met Tlachtga and she will give you the Hex Bell. Go to the Explorer Guild and you will get the Sorcerer class.

After reaching the 3rd layer, go to where you met Ren, on the 11th floor. Ren will give you the Old Scroll. Return to the Explorer Guild and you will unlock the Ronin class.

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