Dynamite Headdy - Mega Drive cheats and codes

Dynamite Headdy it's a platform game genre developed by Treasure in 1994 and released that same year by SEGA for consoles Sega Mega Drive and Sega Game Gear.

In 2007 the videogame is It was also distributed via Virtual Console and was also included in the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection. The protagonist of the game is Headdy, a nice character who at the time of the videogame's release was compared, rightly, to the more famous Rayman.
Headdy can jump and pull your head in any direction to attack enemies. Headdy's head can also be used to attach to hooks and hoist himself on various platforms in the game. The energy of our protagonist is represented by a button located in the upper left corner of the screen: this button changes color according to the variation of Headdy's energy level. In the various levels you can collect objects that can partially restore energy.

The plot of the game is as follows: Headdy, arrived in North Town, discovers that the evil King Dark Demon is attacking the village, so as to decide which puppets can live and which ones will be converted into evil beings. Captured, Headdy manages to escape and sets out in search of the Dark Demon, to avenge himself and his friends.

At the title screen, highlight “Game Start” and press C, A, LEFT, RIGHT, B, START to select the level to start from.

To see the head animations, try the following trick. At the title screen, highlight “Options” and press C, A, LEFT, RIGHT, B and START.

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