Dying Light : Guide to Rare Weapons Blueprints !

Dying Light It turned out to be a game full of Weapons Building Projects. The Techland boys had fun inserting them into everything from the grenade that makes zombies fly to the legendary sword,
P.s.If you haven't done it yet, read our review and you'll see that the game is not bad at all.

Meanwhile, let's see together how to find everyone in blueprints the game:


Korek Machete:

Night Hunter Booster: Win an Online game against a Night Hunter

Bolter Poison:
At the end of the "brothers" mission after you bring the champion back to Zere This is a mod that adds poison to all weapons.


Sick Bomb, a zombie-flying grenade:


All-In-One (adds electricity and toxins to most blade weapons):

God Hammer:

Angel Sword (fire and electricity for swords): Complete the secondary mission "Troll" for Rupert the Gunsmith

Pyza Suit:

Strobe Knight (electricity and bleeding for swords):

Toxic Reaper (bleeding and sword toxicity):

Stasis Field Projector:

Right Hand of Glova:

Air Strike (invoked missile):

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