Dungeon Keeper PC cheats and codes

Dungeon Keeper is a real-time strategy video game developed by Bullfrog Productions and published in 1997 by Electronic Arts to PC.

The graphics engine of the videogame is the same, although improved, than that used in the Magic Carpet game. A sequel to Dungeon Keeper has also been released, simply called Dungeon Keeper 2. Belonging to the genre of God games, this video game allows you to play as an evil lord who has to build and administer his own dungeon. It will therefore be necessary dig underground corridors and halls, populating them with monsters and demonic creatures of all sorts. Each room can have its own function, for example, you can store treasures, create dormitories for evil creatures or set up real ones torture rooms.
The minions of the evil lord will go digging on the edge of the map, finding gold and riches that are used to learn spells and create ever more powerful portals. In order not to lose the game, you must defend yourself from adventurers and other Dungeon Keepers, keeping the Dungeon Heart intact.

At the main menu screen, type: please give all

Go to the given folder, then open the creature file and here you can change the information about monsters and spells you will find during the game.

There are numerous bonus levels in Dungeon Keeper, but one of them can also be found without doing anything. To enter, set your PC's date to any full moon day, then start your game. The bonus stage will appear as a flag with a circle above it.

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