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Dragon Quest is a series of video games RPG born in 1985 from the mind of Yūji Horii in collaboration with his studio, Armor Project.

Considered to date as one of the most important series JRPG of all time, it was initially called Dragon Warrior in North America until 2005, when its original name was recognized globally.

The series Dragon Quest today boasts an incredible cultural achievement for the Japanese people, being considered a national heritage, continuous subject and immortal icon.

Today with Dragon Quest XI we start from a new adventure in the kingdom of Erdrea and with a new group of heroes, ready as always to assert themselves to defeat evil.

Are you having difficulty progressing or do you need some suggestions to build your characters? No problem! We have here what is right for you.

The logo of the new Dragon Quest XI

In Dragon Quest XI it is more than ever necessary to refine the skills of each member of our team with the necessary parameters, the right skills and the correct synergy.

Each character reflects each of these elements, and we will tell you our on how to make the most of the abilities of each of our companions!

The Hero

Let's start right away with the main character, as well as our nameless Shine.

The Lucente, being the protagonist and initial character, has the possibility of being used both as a pure attacker and as a support attacker.

The artwork created for our Lucente

Let's start by saying that the initial setting proposed to us to use sword and shield together turns out to be the best in terms of variety of skills and offers us the possibility of inflicting a good number of damage.

The damage that the hero can do will certainly be greater with a Greatsword, but once you reach the final stages of the game it will be difficult to be able to confront the enemies based only on physical damage, and the skills of the Light Swords will be much more versatile.

Light Swords

  • Metal breaker: Very useful for easily obtaining Experience Points as it is able to hitting the metallic monsters with full guarantee, which can be acquired in a short time.
  • Miraculous Shot: Sword skills capable of deal good damage and heal the hero at the same time, useful for playing cunning or simply to never get caught.
  • Hawk's Strike: This violent sword strike deals great damage, and is very useful in the early stages of the game.
  • Mega Slash & Giga Slash: These two skills will be the last ones learned for this category respectively, inflicting massive damage to a group of enemies; Gigafendente is the more powerful of the two, resulting one of the best abilities of the bright.

The skills of the Light Swords are really many and varied, making them perfect for supporting the group and giving excellent resistance to your character.


  • Frosty Claws: Good damage area attack capable of inflicting frost on enemies.
  • Angry Lama: This very violent attack will cause massive damage to a single enemy, resulting one of the most useful skills in terms of damage.

The broadsword is still an excellent weapon, and in the early stages of the game it can be safely used without running any risk, as it is able to greatly facilitate our work in case we decide only to aim at offense.


  • Zap: Great early game spell, capable of hitting multiple enemies with lightning damage.
  • Perky moment: Skill essential for many uses, allows you to immediately become perky and guarantee any group skills.

The abilities of the bright are very useful for enhancing the basic parameters of our hero, but the few powerful abilities that this branch offers are really useful, and should be taken into consideration.



Erik is a character from excellent offensive skills and has excellent speed, which make it perfect for prioritizing movement and dealing large damage of various kinds to enemies.

Erik's character and his artwork

This character will have a chance to fight with Daggers, Boomerangs and Light Swords; for the first few hours of the game there will be no problems in assigning any of these categories, but light swords will be definitely superfluous for such a character.

Erik unleashes his full potential with the Daggers, which allow him to show off attacks with high expectations of damage and numerous possibilities of inflicting status anomalies such as poison, paralysis and sleep.

We will therefore show you our favorite skills for the section of the Daggers for the section Cunning, dedicated to his thief skills, with even a small reference to boomerangs.


  • Pose Soporifera & Cobra Bite: Great status abilities, as one is likely to fall asleep while the second is likely to poison enemies.
  • Thanatos Strike & Hypnotic Blade: Skills that inflict damage multiplied by six in case the enemy was poisoned or paralyzed for the first or asleep or confused for the second; great combination for inflicting status and later massive damage.
  • Coltellacci: This ability increases your chances of inflicting negative statuses by wielding daggers.
  • Ambidextrous: Skill that as soon as unlocked reveals Erik's true potential, allowing him to wield not one but two daggers, for even greater damage.

This type of weapon turns out to be the best for Erik, allowing him to greatly weaken enemies through status anomalies and allowing him to inflict massive damage with different types of abilities.


  • Metallicker: Very convenient skill at the beginning of the game, as it allows you to hit metal enemies with absolute guarantee.

The Boomerangs will be of little use in the final stages of the game, being comfortable when you want to hit a greater number of enemies at a time while giving up the great damage that Erik is capable of.


  • Manolesta: Evolution of Touch of the Thief, ability that allows with even greater probability to steal an object from a monster; often very useful against certain creatures.
  • Division: Spectacular and essential skill, as it allows you to create two clones by tripling the damage inflicted by attacks.
  • Pié Veloce: Increases the chance of dodging enemy attacks.
  • Criticissimus: Useful in many situations, as it allows you to deliver a blow that will 100% result in a critical; essential skill against the most elusive metallic enemies.

Cunning gives Erik incredible abilities, which will help him make himself as elusive and deadly as any self-respecting thief.



Artwork of the character of Veronica

Veronica is a sorceress from excelled offensive magical abilities, which allow her to cast devastating spells without missing the ability to control the battlefield through upgrades to herself and weakenings for her enemies.

Like any self-respecting powerful sorcerer, the weapon that fits her best is one Great Wand, definitely being the only way to make Veronica competent and effective at full power.

Whips and Incanto will also be available, two other categories of which only one will prove essential, Incanto; this skill will be the only one that will really make a difference, as the skills that a Great Wand offers are not very specific and mostly serve to facilitate Veronica's work.


  • Monstrous Aura & Controlled Anger: Two really useful skills for Veronica, as if the first allows you to reduce the resistance of enemies to offensive spells, the second helps to make your own more powerful: you don't need our help to put two and two together!
  • Resistance to the elements: There will be the possibility to increase each of Veronica's resistances to all four elements respectively by 20% each through four dedicated skills, which will prove to be really solid to make the character less fragile.
  • Anti-enchantment: This useful spell has a good chance of denying an enemy its use for a certain amount of time.

Incanto must be cultivated and strengthened as a priority as soon as possible, as Veronica is lucky enough to be able to fall back almost only on the great vastness of spells that she learns by leveling.



Serena is Veronica's magical counterpart, expert in controlling enemies with her music and powerful healing.


Artwork of the character Serena

Using this character mainly as a support thanks to the music of her Harp is a total waste, being she the most competent curator of the whole team and always ending up officially folding her position.

Serena is therefore seen predominantly using rods, going to be able to occasionally exploit his skills as a lancer or his music.



  • Thanks of the Goddess: Very useful unspeakable spell in the middle of the game, able to bring an ally back to life with full guarantee.
  • Divine Restitution: Spell that allows you to infuse rays of light that will damage enemies with healing energy for Serena, allowing us to damage and regenerate our HP at the same time.

Le rods are the best setting for Serena, which in the role of Healer she will be fantastic.



  • The Hymns: Through Serena's Harp it is possible to learn some useful spells, including the Hymns. Each of these hymns decreases the elemental damage that the party takes, proving to be very useful for facing enemies whose magic is the main weapon.

The Harp is not bad at the initial levels, but its use is very sporadic and not very functional.



Sylvando is a character capable of proving useful for multiple purposes, being able to deal great damage, issue status anomalies, heal your party, and bewitch your enemies.

Artwork made for Sylvando

As we see it, the best weapon for Sylvando is the Dagger, using the same setting as Erik.

What therefore is missing are the two skills Flexibility and especially Spectacular, which are really essential to make the most of the talents of this extravagant character.



  • Fatal coldness: Can make a group member recover from sleep, paralysis, confusion and infatuation.

Flexibility offers few useful skills but many comfortable facilities for the character, who absolutely needs to invest points in this category to be able to reach the first slots of Spectacular.



  • Invigorating dance: This skill is a real life saver for the early stages of the game, allowing the party to recover at least 70 HP each.
  • Dangerous Love: High damage to a single enemy, to demonstrate how strong the power of love can be.

Spectacular it offers a respectable range of skills, which is contained in a few skills that are however almost vital and many others that are mostly occasional.



A graceful old man definitely not to be underestimated, who through the path of enlightenment will master the martial and magical arts with great right, between magie offensive e curative.

The artwork dedicated to Rab

Rab so like Veronica is definitely useful with a Great Wand, being able to safely fill the role of Healer and offensive magic supporter.

The branch of Enlightenment is the only one we will deal with, as the Great Wands have the same reference setting as Veronica but with the addition of the fact that Rab will also learn a lot of healing spells.


  • Rain of the Righteous: Great starting spell, able to bestow party HP regeneration ability for a few turns of about 20 points per turn.
  • Sage's Remedy: This fantastic ability allows once activated upgrade all spells of Rab, therefore speaking of offensive, defensive and healing.
  • Draw: The list of lifesaver expands with a spell that transfers part of its PM to a party member, allowing us to get out of awkward situations where we need to cast spells but don't have the resources to do so.

Lighting is a truly excellent offshoot, allowing Rab to do its job very well and to occasionally save the team from really uncomfortable situations.



Jade is a noblewoman very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and able to turn out to be a character full of resources in terms of offensive attacks.

The artwork made for Jade

Jade is able to be extremely useful in the party, having a good dose of HP and good defenses, but very little in MP.

As for weapons, we can use Spears and Claws, but what really makes this character shine is a good Lance, which we are going to explore together with the branch of Mani Nude.


  • Lightning Strike: This hit is capable of dealing good damage with even one increased critical chance.
  • Multiple Shot: This skill is really excellent, as it is able to inflict 4 powerful hits on a random group of enemies, revealing itself very useful when facing a single enemy that will suffer all four hits.

The Lancia is undoubtedly the best weapon for Jade, outclassing the use of claws.

Naked Hands

  • Crescent Moon: This hit is capable of inflicting a excellent damage, which if directed against a flying enemy will be even greater.
  • Miraculous Moon: A very useful attack that allows you to unleash well 5 shots that can also heal part of our HP; Also remember that the more hits we can deliver, the easier it will be to defeat the metal enemies!

Mani Nude offers a lot of useful skills and boosts to Jade's base stats, so we recommend spend a lot of points in this branch.


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