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Dragon Quest is a series of video games RPG born in 1985 from the mind of Yūji Horii in collaboration with his studio, Armor Project.

Considered to date as one of the most important series JRPG of all time, it was initially called Dragon Warrior in North America until 2005, when its original name was recognized globally.

The series Dragon Quest today boasts an incredible cultural achievement for the Japanese people, being considered a national heritage, continuous subject and immortal icon.

Today with Dragon Quest XI we start from a new adventure in the kingdom of Erdrea and with a new group of heroes, ready as always to assert themselves to defeat evil.

Are you having difficulty progressing or would you like to quickly buy those pieces of equipment you so desire? No problem! We have here what is right for you.

WARNING! What we will talk about below may contain some spoilers related to places and characters within the game plot, so we put all our users on alert

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How to get EXP easily

The gaming experience o EXP it is like any self-respecting role-playing game, a crucial aspect for the advancement of the adventure.

Let's see together how to make our work easier!

We assume that your primary goal will be to find the so-called metallic monsters, particular creatures famous for their difficulty of defeat but very generous in terms of EXP donated.

How to defeat the metal monsters?

First of all, you need the right skills, which are possessed by different party members at different points in the game. For a great start it would be advisable to try as soon as possible to take a skill of our hero very useful, Metal breaker.

This skill from the purchase cost of 14 pointsi will allow our character to hit a metal enemy in a guaranteed manner.

The second character who will have a brush skill is his own Erik, which with the skill Metallicker of his boomerangs will be very useful in battle.

The first prey that can be aimed during our adventure will be the Metal Slimes, a very famous icon within the series.

Here is a Metal Slime in all its sweetness

This creature is best hunted in the early stages of the game as if it had a bounty on its head, as it will be able to give us the beauty of 3000 EXP points each.

Where to find them? Mainly there are two geographical areas where we can find them in quantity, namely the desert of Galoppolis and the region of Octagonia.

The Galoppolis desert will be reachable after a few hours of play, and will allow us to find Fine to 2 Metal Slimes in a battle; this means a earning potential of 6000 EXP.

In the region of Octagonia it will be possible to receive the same type of reward, with excellent chances in the caves just south of the city, which although they make the meeting of metal slimes quite rare will guarantee us to always find at least a couple of them.

These two methods will help the party a lot and will allow you to easily reach a level which is around 25.


But let's move on to vil money

You certainly cannot achieve excellence without the necessary equipment, right? How to get good money in a short time? Find out with us! 

The main motto will be he who seeks finds, because to seek we must speak.

There is an old coin belonging to the ancient city of Dundrasil which, if found, will yield us a nice nest egg, that is Dundrasil Shillings.

These ancient coins will be found scattered around the world in some bright spots, so we highly recommend looking around at full blast!

Another very useful method is obtainable after a good number of hours in the game, in the cold city of Gelheim.

A Gelheim it will be possible to find many golden enemies, which if defeated will release a greater number of gold and will not even be difficult to face.

In the future we will release what will be a guide dedicated to money and EXP for the postgame, so stay tuned for new content!

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