Dragon Quest NES cheats and passwords

Dragon Quest, known in the United States as Dragon warrior, is a role-playing video game released in 1986 by Enix first for the Nintendo Entertainment System and subsequently for numerous other platforms.

The series is now in its tenth chapter and this is the first of the saga. The character design was done at the time by the author of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama. The creator was Yuji Horii, who claimed to have been inspired by Western-style RPGs such as Ultima and Wizardry.
Dragon Quest had a significant influence on the RPG genre and personally contributed to popularizing role-playing games. Just think of the various final Fantasy, which undoubtedly drew inspiration from this remarkable title, of which we leave you the Password and some useful tricks.

TEST - Higher starting values
ENIX - Lower starting values

To be entered on the home screen, when you enter your name.

Go to the mountain cave and get the treasure chest which gives you 130 GP. Repeat this about 15 times and you will get the Death Necklace, so go and sell it in the Breconary shop.

Fight the golem, defeat him in any way but do not enter the city. Return to the king and save your game. Shut down the system, restart it and load your game, then go back to fighting the golem - he'll give you 1000 more gold.

To beat the golem, enter the city, play your flute so that the beast falls asleep and finally hit it with your sword.

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