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Are you ready to play the funniest game of the moment and tame amazing fire-breathing dragons at your leisure? Are you the one chosen to become the best Dragon Master in the world? Take up the challenge and measure your strength! Dragon City is an online multiplatform game that allows you to get your dragon to care for it, feed it and compete with other dragons in this fantastic game.

Available: IOS, Android
Gender: Adventure
Players: Single Player, Online Multiplayer
Launch date: May 8, 2012

Dragon City Trailer + Game Images

The Dragon City game will allow you to get your own Dragon and customize it as you want to form alliances with other masters, interact with them, build your own farm to feed and care for them, participate in alliance events and many more actions that will make your experience in the juice unique and unrepeatable.

Here’s the Dragon City trailer for your first taste of the game.

Dragon City is a unique game that will allow you to live the experience of getting your own Dragon and at the same time share the adventure with your friends, another main feature is that it is a free game so you can enjoy the game without any cost.

Here are some images to familiarize you with the usability of the game, its graphics, features, etc.

Dragon City tricks to get free gems

In this post we will provide you a series of tips and tricks to get gems quickly and free for the game of Dragon City, it is important that you know that the main resource that uses this game are the gems and have many utilities for this game such as buying food for your dragons, unlock, advanced features, change the appearance of your dragons … etc.

The resources in this game are very important and below we show you a series of tricks to get a free day for Dragon City:

Participate in the Dragon League Tournament at the Combat World located at the bottom right of the game screen. Use your dragons to fight against other players’ dragons. Once you win the tournament, you will be awarded 2 gems.

Build a dragon stadium and use your dragons to fight in it. Each tournament you win gives you 2 gems.

3ï¸ Every time you move up a level you get a diamond.

ƒ Every Monday you will have the opportunity to get 4 gems by choosing the right box in the draw.


Infinite Coin Generator for Dragon City

In addition to the tricks we’ve provided, you’ll find free resource generators for a very large number of games including the Dragon City game. We in this post personally recommend a 100% reliable resource generator that will allow you to get resources easily and quickly whenever you need them.

Tutorial to get free gems for Dragon City

On YouTube there are a lot of very interesting videos about how to get resources for almost all games, especially online games. Below is a video we found that explains how to get free gems for Dragon City:


What are the gems for in Dragon City?

Gems can be very useful for this game. Here are some examples of how you can use them:

  • Get a Legendary Dragon
  • Feed and care for your Dragons
  • Improve your farm
  • Get special features to unlock
  • Empower your Dragons

Dragon city guide: How can you play?

If you’ve never played Dragon City before, you need to know some basic tips to get the most out of the game. Here’s a basic guide to playing the game.


Dragon City Analysis

Now that you’ve got your hands on the Dragon City game and have a bit of an overview of the game, we’ll provide you with a little more in-depth analysis regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the game:


Very good atmosphere


Good Gameplay

Play dynamics a bit slow

Need Facebook friends for some functions


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