Dragon Ball Legends - Cards Colors Guide fot the Game

The cards are at the heart of the combat mechanics of Dragon Ball Legends . This game, in fact, is not the usual fighting game that sees two or more characters in opposition, or at least, not as we are used to. The characters in the series of Dragon Ball challenge each other in combat ... but with the mechanics of a trading card game. The cards give your character the ability to hit other players, launch ranged attacks, use items and more.

Each character has cards that have attacks and abilities unique to that character. To view the Cards available for a particular character, select them in the party creation menuThis will give you all the details about what they are and how you can use them, you will also learn their strengths and weaknesses towards a particular character.

Once the battle begins, you'll get a series of cards randomly drawn from a collection that is decided by the lienup of the party you created to face a match. All the cards you receive will be shared with all the characters in the party. The cards are of effect that they have in battle. Let's go see them all.

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