Dragon Age Inquisition: Trophies and Achievements Guide

Welcome to the complete solution and guidance o Dragon Age Inquisition f , if you travelers have come this far, it means that the immense continent of Thedas has put you to the test too, but don't worry we will be the beacon that will guide your heroic deeds in the darkness that has come out of the rips!

In this chapter of our guide to Dragon Age Inquisition Find the procedure to unlock all the trophies on PS3 and PS4 and get the coveted 1000 G on Xbox One and 360!

Guide to Trophies and Achievements

Wrath of Heaven
Complete the prologue.

Eternal opposition
Close the gap.

In your heart will burn
Survive an attack on the Inquisition.

Evil eyes and evil heart
Make yourself known to the Horrhagian court.

Here is the abyss
Face your fears in Oblivion.

The consequences of pride
Reach an ancient ruin before your enemies.

On flaming wings
Recruit a powerful ally to balance the situation.

Those who stand
Recruit a new companion. Follow our GUIDE ON HOW TO RECLUTE AND POWER ALL COMPANIES.

Pronounce only the Word
Get access to a big city for the Inquisition.

In the saddle
Buy or get five different mounts of any kind.

Create a weapon or piece of armor in single player mode. Simply go to Haven's blacksmith and create a piece of armor or weapon.

Enchant or upgrade a piece of equipment in single player mode. Simply create a piece of sword and equip it to a weapon with that free slot, e.g. if a club has a free knob slot, create a knob at the haven blacksmith and equip it.

Complete a timed assignment at the War Table. All you need to do is get the required powers and send your troops, spies etc. to one of the many locations at the War Table.

Discover a bivouac and set up an Inquisition camp in an area of the moorlands. At any location in the game, go to the point on the map with a tent symbol and set up a camp by interacting with the level in the middle of the area.

Acute vision
Find and retrieve a fragment detected by an ocularum. Ocularum are marked by a skull on the map, reach one and use it to highlight the fragments. These fragments will be marked on the map once highlighted. Go to the indicated locations and collect one.

Interesting readings
Discover a rune of velvet. From time to time you will find symbols on the walls of old forgotten caves, take a Wizard with you to interact with these symbols and get the FORMULA of runes.

Upgrade an ability once in single player mode.

Choose a class specialty.

Get yourself a horse. Finish the next mission:
APPLICANT: Talk to Master Dennet in the Midlands.
WHAT TO DO: Convince him to provide you with a horse and then go to the stable to mount one. This way you'll get a mount and unlock the RIDER Trophy / RIDER Goal.

Triggers a cross-class combo with one of the characters you control (single player). You'll get it almost without realizing it, just attack the same enemy as another one of your characters using skills.

Collect 50 herbs in the Skyhold garden in a single playthrough.

Dragon Slayer
Kill a tall dragon in single player mode.

Purchase a new decorative element for Skyhold. From the Skyhold's forges, from the desk at the back.

Star of the reception
Get the full approval of the Horace court.

Heavy Hand
Inflict more than 1,000 damage with a single hit in single player mode. The Iron Bull will be able to inflict so much damage to an undefended opponent if you use a two-handed weapon as early as level 15.

Expert creator
Create an item with level 4 materials in each SLOT for non-precious pieces (single player).

Experienced alchemist
Enhances alchemical potions, bombs or tonics 30 times in a single playthrough.

Unlock 15 astrarium in a single playthrough. Follow our Astrarium Guide

Spend 10 points in a single skill tree with any single player character. Follow the guide with Tricks for Gold and Infinite Skill Points on Console and PC

Earn at least 50,000 gold through all single player playthroughs. Follow the guide with Gold and Infinite Skill Points Tricks on Console and PC

Enter the heart of the Temple of Solas'an.

Discover a bivouac and set up at least one Inquisition camp in 10 areas of the moorlands. Follow the Pioneer Trophy / Target.

Clear three fortresses in a single playthrough.

Supreme Commander
Complete 50 tasks or operations in a single playthrough.

Maximize a throne.

Recruit 10 Inquisition agents in a single playthrough. Some NPCs may be recruited at the end of the mission simply by allowing them to join the Inquisition, following our FULL SOLUTION to Dragon Age Inquisition !

Befriend at least three members of your closest entourage in a playthrough.

Collect 250 code entries in a single playthrough.

Demon Slayer
Defeat 1,000 demons in single player mode.

Defeat 2,500 enemies in single player mode.

Complete 20 supply requests in a single playthrough.

The brightest of their time
Recruit all possible companions in a single playthrough. Follow our POTENTIALITY GUIDE AND COMPanion RECLUTION.

Ruins of dragons
Kill 10 tall dragons in single player mode.

Complete the single player campaign at least at the Difficult level without lowering the difficulty.

Reach level 20 in single player mode.

Take the Inquisition to rank 10.

Destined for glory
Closes 75 gashes in a single playthrough.

A world in ruins
Thwart the threat once and for all.

Complete the single player campaign at Nightmare level without lowering the difficulty.

Dragon Age Platinum Trophy: Inquisition ( PS3 and PS4 ONLY )
Get all the trophies from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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