Dragon Age Inquisition: Perfect Dragon Slayer Guide

Welcome to the complete solution and guidance o Dragon Age Inquisition f , if you travelers have come this far, it means that the immense continent of Thedas has put you to the test too, but don't worry we will be the beacon that will guide your heroic deeds in the darkness that has come out of the rips!

In this guide, we'll show you how to easily eliminate the most powerful creatures in the game: The High Dragons!


Avshar advises: "If you can concentrate the wizards' attacks on one paw at a time, after a while the dragon "stumbles" on that paw and then for 15-20 seconds does not attack. Kind of like when you attack the giant's legs."


LEVEL: 12+ ( To be on the safe side it is good to be at least Level 14 )
APPLICANT: Just arrived at the Rebel Queen's Ravine.
WHAT TO DO: Cross the Rebel Queen's Ravine to reach the combat zone with the huge winged beast.
We recommend a party consisting of TIDER, a SWORD WARRIOR AND SHIELD and 2 WAGES equipped with WASHES WITH COLD DAMAGES. Remember to set the Wizards' tactics preferences for ICE-type spells and deactivate the FIRE spells to which the dragon is immune.
On the front of the ARMATURES and ACCESSORIES it is good to equip yourself with FIRE protection.
Once the creature has reached you, it will attack you with jets of flame and physical attacks gorged by wings, head, legs and tail. The Wizards will have to stay away from the dragon, continuously attacking it with frost spells and creating BARRIERS and PROTECTIONS to heal the other two members of the group, the Thief and the Warrior, who will have the function of attacking the beast from close up, distracting it from the Wizards. Remember that the Dragon is vulnerable to poison so if your Thief has learned the skill don't hesitate to poison the beast.
When the dragon will use its wings to suck close to if all your characters try to keep the wizard alive, if he succumbs you can use the thief to ENTER THE SHADE, becoming invisible in the eyes of the dragon and quietly revive your fallen comrade.
If you need it, remember that you can also use API BARBLES that will inflict further damage to the beast.
When the dragon takes flight, move continuously with the entire group in the area to avoid aerial fire attacks. The TRAIN SCREEN will be very useful if you have learned and upgraded your skills. When the beast will perch on the rocks on either side of the valley, go just below him to avoid being hit by the flames and eliminate the Dragon cubs that will follow you. Remember that every time the dragon roars you will be stunned for about 5 seconds.
Reduced his health to just under a quarter, the dragon will move to an elevated nest. Reach him and hit him with heavy physical attacks and the most powerful frost spells you have until you see him succumb.
Remember that you can also use the magic of VARCO thanks to the INQUISITOR'S ANCHOR.
Once you've fallen, remember to plunder its skull for a rich FULCRUM!


LEVEL: 13-15 ( To be on the safe side it is good to be at least Level 15 )
APPLICANT: The Dragon is located on an islet that can only be reached after crossing the Nanic Quarry of the "Red Water".
You will have to take the small rowing boat, located after the quarry, at the Daerwin Mouth.
WHAT TO DO: We recommend a party consisting of TIRE, a SWORD WARRIOR AND SHIELD and 2 WAGES equipped with SPIRITUAL DAMAGES. Remember to deactivate in the Wizards' tactics the ELECTRIC spells to which the dragon is immune. An excellent stick with Spiritual Damage to use against this dragon and the unique TEMPESTA weapon that you can find in the centre of the IMMOVABLE OAKES in the WESTERN ACCESS.
On the front of the ARMATURES and ACCESSORIES it is good to equip yourself with protection from ELECTRICITY.
Just as with the Dragon of the Midlands, here too you need the WARRIOR and the Thief to distract the dragon from the Wizards who must continuously attack from a distance. Vinsomer will move very often and it is more difficult to distract him or make him concentrate on the Tank characters (thief and warrior).
You will be able to see at what moment he will launch physical attacks to try to avoid them and cushion the damage as he lifts the limb with which he will attack in the air before hitting.
Remember to ENTER THE SHADOW with the Thief to revive an ally if your wizards should fall. Sometimes his cubs will come to give him a hand but it's nothing a well-trained warrior can't eliminate with a few shots.
The attack to which you will have to pay more attention is the ELECTRIC BLOW. You'll be able to tell when it's about to be thrown by the electric intensity that slowly charges the dragon's neck. This attack generates high damage and should be avoided or largely mitigated at all costs. Unlike the Fereldian dragon this will not escape and when its health is below 75% it will simply become faster in physical attacks. Now is the time to use all the most powerful abilities, the POTENTIAL API BARRIERS, if you have any, and the magic of the VARC thanks to the INQUISITOR'S ANCHOR. If you're having trouble taking him down, equip your weapons with AMMAZZA-DRAGES RUNES to make the task much easier.
Once he has fallen, remember to plunder his skull for a rich RICOMPENSA!


LEVEL: 14+
APPLICANT: Complete Frederic's missions to use the bait and attract the Dragon.
WHAT TO DO: The Abyssal Dragon is highly vulnerable to cold damage, so change your equipment accordingly. As with all other dragons, one or two warriors will need to attract the beast's attention while you hit it from a distance with cold spells. Try to avoid the beast's powerful sophistry. Shooting fireballs can do serious damage, so maximize your resistance to this element by using accessories and armor. Use the same attacks and patterns as other dragons, so don't vary your tactics. And always try to arrive with the Concentration bar full to take advantage of the Inquisitor's anchor and open a rift. After you defeat it, gather everything you can and return to Frederic, who will join the Inquisition if you let him.

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