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Final Fantasy XV聽is a real-time role-playing game in which we take control of Noctis, prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, who has isolated himself from the rest of the world. At one point, Noctis is left for dead to protect himself, after which he begins to travel halfway around the world with a group of friends.

The title of the veteran saga has a playable section that differs from the classic lines of the saga, becoming a real-time role-playing game in which we must know how to manage our skills and the levels of our characters to face only enemies that we can cope with. It offers some freedom of action, allowing us to explore a wide map on board a car, the Regalia. However, at night it is dangerous to get out, as the most ruthless creatures appear, and it is difficult to get out alive in combat. Final Fantasy XV also offers some alternative activities, such as fishing or classic Chocobo races. The development of this game was one of the longest of Square Enix, having to wait 10 years from its announcement until its publication. FINAL FANTASY XV HACKED Final Fantasy XV presents a completely open world. Although there is obviously a main storyline to follow, in the first ten minutes of the game you can do anything you want. Final Fantasy XV is designed for both die-hard Final Fantasy fans and casual gamers. If you love Final Fantasy, then play Final Fantasy XV! If you are not familiar with the series, it doesn't matter. The story, the characters, the combat system and the world are all brand new, so you don't need any prior knowledge to enjoy the experience.聽

  • The story of Final Fantasy XV is the story of Noctis. Noctis is the prince of the kingdom of Lucis and is engaged to Luna. His three best friends, Prompto, Gladio and Ignis, accompany him to meet his future wife on a road trip at the wheel of the Regalia, the car of the monarch Regis, Noctis' father.
  • On the way to the wedding, he hears that the Niflheim empire, under the pretext of an armistice, has invaded the kingdom. The media reports that his father, his fianc茅e Luna and even he himself have died. Not knowing who to believe or who to trust, he continues his journey with his colleagues in search of the truth and ready to claim his right to the throne of the kingdom of Lucis. Quite a simple plot, isnt it?


  • The world is called Eos. It is an immense world full of continents, all completely different, full of life and sometimes dangerous.
  • The battles have changed radically in this Final Fantasy. You only control Noctis, but you have four equipment spaces for weapons, shields or magic. Combat goes smoothly and you don't have to wait your turn to attack. You can vary your attack combinations with the four team spaces.
In FFXV, already a game of 16, it is not uncommon to find hacks everywhere, the question is to find those that do not ban you from the server, among the most common are downloads of Final Fantasy bots, which are Final Fantasy hacks that carry the game automatically, usually used to play many games daily to fake points. Then there are Final Fantasy hacks for resources, Final Fantasy hacks for weapons, and Final Fantasy hacks for experience, magic or life. This way you can get to a high competitive level in a short time! Square Enix could already be working on a new Final Fantasy next-gen. The Japanese publisher is hiring 20 employees at the Final Fantasy XV studio to work on a console AAA.


Final Fantasy XV has one of the longest stories in video games today. To the chapters of the main story we must add a lot of side quests or parallel activities that will make the video game last us a good amount of hours and we have totally amortized our purchase.

But after the game is over, we'll discover that it doesn't end there. Once we finish the main story, we unlock a series of things that will keep us hooked for hours and hours. In fact, like many other times, the best thing comes at the end. And we can access the best weapons in Final Fantasy XV once we finish the game. New dungeons, flying royalty, stronger enemy bosses, and the best weapons from Final Fantasy XV among other things, come on, as if to finish it off. In this article, of all the end-game content, we will focus on the weapons that can be accessed after the story ends. Yes, there are better weapons than FFXV's ancestral weapons.


Some of them could have been obtained during the course of history. But they usually require a lot more level than we had when we were passing through. So in effect, these missions that we were not prepared for were storing treasures in a commandable form. But in general, almost all of the best weapons in Final Fantasy XV are found in content that is unlocked at the end of the game, in the secret dungeons of FFXV. There are lots of different kinds of weapons and individual weapons. I don't want to reveal anything, it's much more fun to discover for yourself all the weapons that Noctis can carry. Needless to say, there are one-handed and two-handed weapons, daggers, pistols, shields, spears, axes. Watch out, because it might even be possible to evolve the weapons!


After finishing the game we will see that a custom marker is activated in Lestallum. There, to the east of the city, we will find Randolph, who will give us 5 missions. In all of them we will get great rewards in the form of weapons, and all of them are among the best Final Fantasy XV weapons. Perhaps the most interesting is the Quitapenas sword, which is obtained by defeating a Falaris in the fourth mission. It is one of the best swords in FFXV. Although actually all Randolph's missions are interesting.


We got it in Randolph's third mission after beating two Tomberi gentlemen. One of the best weapons of Final Fantasy XV without a doubt.


These swords are a tremendous power to our magic. And we also get them on Randolph's quests, at the end of the fifth. In which we have to eliminate a 120th level spawn. Here's how you get the Zorlin.


It is achieved in Chapter 8, we will have to do a lot of secondary and beats to level 7. In fact we will have to get over the mission of "The iridescent frog", and practically all of the chapter. And after accumulating a good amount of experience we should go to see Cid, and give him Ex Omega Machine and the hardened horn (obtained in "Battle of Living Desire" level 7) and thus give us the sword Artema, a tremendously powerful weapon. It is superior to the sword Quitapenas. Indeed, magic plays a central role. There are two types of magic: elemental magic and ring magic. You can collect three different types of elemental magic: fire, ice, and lightning. These elemental nodes appear throughout the world at random. When you collect, you keep the type of magic you want in a magic jar.聽


We must do "The cursed aberration that sleeps in Keycatrich." It is one of the eight aberration portals that can be accessed with Ezma's key at the end of the game. In the first of the camps we will get the Dominant Sword. This sword gives us +256 points of attack and +300 points of life.

In fact, you can combine up to two types, meaning you can cast a combo of fire and lightning spells. Depending on how much magic you've collected from around the world, that's how powerful it will be. Then you can add an item you've found, that includes elixirs, fetish tails or items that at first glance seem useless. You can use any object as a modifier and the magic will change completely. Items alter the spell, for example with EXP modifiers, damage from poison, or even cures.


Be careful though, if we continue through Keycatrich and defeat the final boss we will get another brutal sword, the Grave Digger. In the end we won't know what to do with so many swords.


This is the sword that has the most base attack power in the entire video game. We must do The Fucking Aberration That Sleeps in Steyliff. It's one of eight aberration portals that can be accessed with Ezma's key at the end of the game. Before we get to the first camp we can get the Balmung sword, the sword with the highest attack value in the whole video game. And unlike the dominator, it gives us magic instead of life. If we continue and defeat the final boss we can also get the Spear Breakers.


It's the best controller in the whole of the FF 15. We got it by doing the damned aberration that sleeps in Balouve. It is one of the eight aberration portals that can be accessed with Ezma's key at the end of the game. It is in the first camp of Balouve so it does not have much loss.


It's the best gun in all of FF 15. We also get it by doing the cursed aberration that Balouve sleeps in. It is one of the eight aberration portals that can be accessed with Ezma's key at the end of the game. Only this time we must defeat the final dungeon boss, to get the Death Penalty.


We get them by doing the damn aberration that sleeps in Greyshie. It is one of the eight aberration portals that can be accessed with Ezma's key at the end of the game. They are in the first camp and they are daggers that cause Paro on our enemies. And they are also among the best weapons of Final Fantasy XV.


Of course, even if we have counted it quickly, be prepared to go well supplied with level and PHs. The recommended thing is to face these EndGame contents with a level of more than 90. So if you havent done it before, take advantage of it to add up as much as you can, sleeping in hotels and developing any kind of activity that gives you one of the two things. As usual, in the FFXV community they are gamers and advanced users and therefore adapt to new market offerings, and one of the star themes is Final Fantasy XV infinite money, Final Fantasy XV free weapons, Final Fantasy XV infinite experience, Final Fantasy XV infinite magic and Final Fantasy XV infinite life. We all know well the problem of micropayments in games like FFXV. It becomes difficult to compete against paying people without downloading FFXV hack. But luckily there is Gums Up! Don't hesitate: download our application and get lots of FREE prizes!

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