Donald in Maui Mallard SNES passwords and codes

Donald in Maui Mallard, known in North America under the title of Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, is an adventure video game released for Sega Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Game Boy and Microsoft Windows. The protagonist of the videogame, contrary to what some might think, is not Donald Duck but his alter ego named Maui Mallard.

At the time of marketing, in fact, the Disney Interactive he wanted to create a series dedicated to an adolescent audience, breaking away from Disney canons and creating an ad hoc character. The player controls Maui Mallard, a detective visiting the tropical island where the mysterious idol of Shabuhm Shabuhm. Or rather, the island where the idol WAS kept, since it has now disappeared. 
Shabuhm Shabuhm is it guardian spirit of the island and Maui Mallard begins to investigate what happened. Amidst various vicissitudes, such as falls into a volcano and tests of intelligence, Maui gains the trust of the natives, who reveal to him precious clues that lead him to discover the truth about the idol.

QVRBLP - Level 2
CNFJTS - Level 3
PHMBTT - Level 4
NFXDQH - Level 5
SXGDLJ - Level 6
MDVCBQ - Level 7
HRTGDV - Level 8

FXFQHD - Advance to the next screen by pressing Select + Y + A during the game
PLBVRQ - Infinite Energy
PZWRRK - Infinite lives
JVBKCD - No water damage

Donald in Maui Mallard - SNES


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