Dino Crisis PS1 cheats and passwords

Dino crisis it's a video game belonging to the genus sci-fi survival horror developed and published by Capcom to PlayStation 1 (1999), Sega Dreamcast (2000) and PC.

Dino Crisis is the first of a series of three titles released for PlayStation. Its sequels take the names of Dino Crisis 2 and Dino Crisis 3, the latter characterized by a completely different plot than that of its predecessors. The video game also had a spin-off, titled Dino Stalker, and was also supposed to land on Game Boy Color but the project was later abandoned.
For lovers of video games in the sci-fi horror genre, Dino Crisis is a must that will keep you glued to the screen for hours and hours. However, it is not a simple game, of which we provide you with some Password.



Password 1: Enter HEAD to open the door to the chief's room.

Password 2: Go back to the main entrance. To unlock this door enter NEWCOMER.

Password 3: In Hall B1, enter LABORATORY to unlock the door.

Password 4: Back in the computer room, insert your Key Card into the device. Regina will ask Gary for help. After that you will need to use your DDK disk and enter ENERGY.

Password 5: In the Rest Station room enter WATERWAY to unlock the door.

Password 6: In the room where you entered chips B2, 1 and 2, there is a DDK door, unlock it with STABILIZER.

Password 7: There is a door in the Parts Storage room, enter DOCTOR KIRK to unlock it.

Dino Crisis - PS1


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