Diddy Kong Racing N64 tricks and passwords

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Diddy Kong Racing it's a racing video game developed in 1997 by Rare to Nintendo 64 and sold over 800.000 copies internationally.

It is the first spin-off of the popular Donkey Kong Country series. The game was converted in 2007 to the Nintendo DS, for which it took the name of Diddy Kong Racing DS. The video game's plot sees Timber the tiger at the head of the island where he lives with his parents, who have just left for a vacation. To spoil the party in Timber comes Wizpig, an intergalactic pig who wants to establish himself in power and to do this he changes the 4 guardians of the island, replacing them with his henchmen.
The inhabitants of the peaceful island must then defeat Wizpig in speed racing in cars, airplanes and hovercrafts, if I want to take over the place where they live again. Unfortunately, the best driver of the place, Drumstick, lost the challenge and was turned into a frog, so it's up to Diddy Kong, Conker, Banjo, Krunch, Tiptup, Pipsy and Bumper to challenge the evil pig.


ROCKETFUEL - All balloons are blue
TOXICOFFENDER - All balloons are green
OPPOSITESATTRACT - All balloons are rainbow
BOMBSAWAY - All the balloons are red
BODYARMOR - All balloons are yellow
BOGUSBANANAS - Bananas slow you down
OFFROAD - All-wheel drive
ARNOLD - Older characters
WHODIDTHIS - See Credits
TEENYWEENIES - Smaller characters
FREEFRUIT - Start with 10 bananas
VITAMINB - Endless bananas
BYEBYEBALLOONS - Weapons deactivated

Diddy Kong Racing


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