Dick Tracy NES passwords and tricks

The version for Nintendo Entertainment System di Dick Tracy was published in August 1990 by Bandai, although the game was developed by Realtime Associates.

Based on comics and not on the film, Dick Tracy sees the player engaged in solving numerous mysteries. To do this, however, he must blame the right people and not shoot unarmed civilians. Each level starts with a case to solve and some clues that put us on the trail of the culprits. The player drives Dick Tracy's car through the city, avoiding snipers and other vehicles, to get to the places mentioned in the previously found clues.
If the player gets to the right place, he finds new clues for that particular case. In each level there is also a car chase. When enough clues are gathered, you can drive to the criminal's whereabouts and arrest him. the game ends if Dick Tracy's energy bar runs out completely or if the investigator commits three abuses of power in a single case. For example, interrogating someone not involved in the case or arresting a person without certain evidence. Considered very difficult to complete, the game thankfully is based on a password system, which we have recovered for you.


207 119 060 - Stage 2
164 003 201 - Stage 3
036 224 136 - Stage 4
007 215 047 - Stage 5

In Case 5, after you get all the clues, go to the 9th & D Pier. Get to the end and jump from the last window. start throwing punches. You should find Tear Gas, First Aid, Tommy Gun and Super Punches. Get all four of them. Now go to 4th & H The Ritz Club. Make your way until you come to a dude in a blue suit. That's Big Boy. Beat him until he is almost off the screen, then shoot him 4 or 5 times. Hurry up and select a Super Punch. Hit it once and it will fall. Now, if you have all the clues, you can arrest him.

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