Diablo Sony PSX cheats and codes

Diablo it's a action RPG video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and published in late 1996 for Sony PlayStation 1.

The video game got a success that literally gave birth to a new sub-genre of RPG, with the mouse used as the main command peripheral. From these elements were born the various successors of Diablo, including Sacred: The Legend of the Sacred Weapon, Titan Quest, Throne of Darkness and many others. In 2000, the sequel to the game, titled Diablo II, was released. The third chapter, Diablo III, is dated 2012.
Diablo is set in the kingdom of Khanduras, in the world of Sanctuary. The setting is fantastic and medieval-inspired. The player must face 16 levels under the city of Tristram: the last stage is Hell, where our hero clashes with Diablo himself, in a no holds barred duel.

The levels unfold beneath a monastery built centuries earlier to serve as Diablo's prison. Between fights to the death, magic potions, enchanted weapons and armor, items for sale e scary creatures to face, Diablo is a real gem, still fun to play today.

In two player mode, drop any item from your inventory. Have the other player pick it up and save the game. Go sell the item and save your character. Start a new game, get the item back and you've got free coins.

Diablo - Sony PSX


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