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    Destiny 2 - Where is Xur? (October 9-13)

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    Where is Xur this week?

    This week, Xur is in the EDZ on earth. He is in his typical corner of Winding Cove.

    If you don't know where to find it, head to the Winding Cove landing zone in the southwestern part of EDZ. Xur isn't too far from the landing zone. Head north and continue until you cross the bridge. From there you should be able to spot a small boat nestled on the edge of a cliff. Use the well-placed ledges on the right side to jump up there and you should find him waiting. If you can't find it, just head to the location shown on the map below.

    What is Xur selling this week?

    Here are all the weapons and armor that Xur is selling this weekend. These items will be available for purchase until Tuesday, October 13.

    • The Wardcliff Coil (Rocket Launcher) - 29 Legendary Shards
    • Crown of Wormhusk (Hunter's Helmet) - 23 Legendary Shards
    • One-eyed mask (Titan Helmet) - 23 Legendary Shards
    • Felwinter's Helm (Warlock Helmet) - 23 Legendary Shards
    • Exotic Engram - 97 legendary shards

    The Wardcliff Coil

    The Wardcliff Coil is a proven heavy weapon that many Destiny 2 players still use to this day. Her exotic advantage allows her to fire a volley of rockets, resulting in a devastating explosion that is sure to kill anyone caught inside. The downside is that this launcher is a bit difficult to aim, but there are enough rockets in the volley to negate this issue.

    Crown of Wormhusk

    Wormhusk Crown is an Exotic Warmind for hunters. It was a guaranteed drop for completing the Warmind campaign when it first released, so you probably already have it if you play Destiny 2 regularly. If you don't already have it, this is a great headset for PvE. and PvP, allowing you to regain health by dodging.

    One-eyed mask

    This exotic has been the bane of the Destiny 2 PvP community for quite some time. Released during Forsaken, One-Eyed Mask is a Titan Exotic helmet that marks any enemies that damage you. Not only that, but you earn overhead if you beat them. Despite being nerdy, One-Eyed Mask is still a great choice for Titans in the Crucible. If you play a Titan, buy this helmet.

    Felwinter's Helm

    Felwinter's Helm is a new Exotic for Warlocks released during the Season of the Worthy. It causes elemental kills to generate a blast of energy that debilitates nearby enemies, and finishers increase the blast radius and the duration of the debuff effect. Like most Warlock Exotics, this is interesting but situational gear. Pick it up if it seems like a good fit for your Warlock.

    Exotic Engram

    As always, you can purchase an Exotic Engram from Xur for 97 Legendary Shards. It is guaranteed to give you an exotic item that you do not already have. So this is a great way to complete your collection if you already own the items that Xur sells. You can also bypass the weekly limit and purchase a second Exotic Engram using an Exotic number, which can be obtained through the Season Pass. You can bring them to the Cryptarch at the Tower to buy some exotic weapons, or you can test your luck with Xur. Exotic numbers are rare, so choose wisely.

    Destiny 2 is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. The game will arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X next month with the release of the Beyond Light expansion. The game and its expansions, including Beyond Light, are available on Xbox Game Pass.

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