Destiny 2 New Update Season 8 Review

Bad Conduct is a rather important portable cannon for Destiny, as it fits into the narrative line of The Last Word and Aculeus, which has been going on since the beginning of Destiny 1 and ended only after almost five years with Season 7 of Destiny 2 . This weapon was introduced in Season 4 and, like other weapons, received a new way to be obtained from Season 8 onwards. Depending on the version of the Enterprise you have, we will see how to complete it.

Version Season 4

If you already own the version of Season 4 Enterprise, then you killed the Primordial Ascendant Servant during a game of chance and got the heart in turmoil. To begin your sequence of goals, you will need to talk to the Ranger in the Tower Branch.

City of Secrets

The Ranger will ask you to investigate a theft and to do so you will have to go to the Dream City and kill 25 corrupt bosses or minibosses. It may sound long, but there are some very quick methods. When you reach the Vorgeth step in the Breaking Throne, you will have to deal with 4 corrupt Maliarde to accumulate a buff that will start the damage phase of the boss. These 4 Maliarde count as bosses for this step and continue to appear cyclically as long as you keep killing them, so you can get busy and spend some free time with dear old Vorgeth to kill as many Maliarde as possible. Other methods are to kill the yellow life bar enemies during the blind well's heroic 3 degrees or to repeatedly kill the bosses of the Lost Sectors Resting Sectors of Hafelium and Starlight Chamber.

The corrupted

After killing all these bosses, you'll be required to complete a revised version of The Corrupt Assault. Although it starts in the same way as the original Assault, you'll be voice-assisted by the Ranger and you'll have to deal with your enemies until the Assault changes completely and takes you to the tomb of Callum, a Shadow of Yor. Get ready because at that point you'll have to face a large Corrupted Phalanx very similar to the Shadow Lake Assault boss and the Giant Besiegers of High Daredevil. Get rid of this enemy to discover some history and complete this step. You'll find a depleted War Core and have to take it to the Ranger.


This step will have the following objectives:

  1. Deposit 400 particles in Gamble. Lost particles subtract points equal to twice as many as you have lost.
  2. Win 10 games of chance.

While you are trying to win 10 games, try to play the target of the deposited particles well. Opt more for sending small besieges by lowering the risk of being killed by enemies or invaders with more particles on them and end up erasing quite a bit of progress. Otherwise, after checking that your opponent's invasion portal isn't open, use a Super suitable for killing large masses of enemies (such as the Storm Trance or the Fists of Destruction), load yourself with a large number of particles and deposit them immediately.

Lights Out

The last targets before you can return from the Ranger one last time:

  1. As an invader, you kill 25 opposing Guardians in Gamble.
  2. As an invader, kill 4 opponents in a single invasion or let one of your allies do it three times.

Killing 25 opponents in Daredevil is not difficult, as long as you have Super and heavy ammunition ready and then get busy in the best possible way. Killing 4 opponents, if you don't want to wait for someone else to do it, can be a bit more annoying because there can always be occasions when time runs out just before you manage to kill the last guardian or when your opponents play their cards well to deny you that last kill. A good way to win the four kills is undoubtedly to opt for the exotic Truth rocket launcher ending with a Super. If you have already acquired this weapon, it won't be particularly complicated to devastate the opposing team.

Once you have completed these two goals, you will have no choice but to return to the Ranger to pick up your new Bad Conduct.

Version Season 8

The Season 8 version is quite short. You can take the Quest directly from the Ranger and your only goal to complete will be to kill a Primordial Ascendant Servant during a game of Daredevil. He is the rarest gambling boss to encounter and his chance to appear increases slightly depending on how corrupt the Dream City is.

If you already own the Season 4 version of the Company, I don't feel confident in advising you to discard it and recover the new version from the Ranger. If you are sure of your gambling skills, you can play a good number of games and complete the objectives of the Season 4 version without too much effort. For this new version, however, remove all the following objectives, but you don't know when the next time you will meet the Primordial Ascending Servant and you are not even sure if you can kill him before the opposing team. If, on the other hand, you are in the week of greatest corruption in the Dream City and you have a good team to play with, you can opt for this new version with a good dose of optimism.

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