Destiny 2 | Guide to the Exotic Weapon Legend of Acrius

Each Raid Destiny 2 has a matching exotic weapon, either because it can only be obtained by completing it or because it is possible to obtain the Catalyst during its course. The Leviathan Raid has as its weapon the Legend of Acrius.

This is a mighty shotgun made by Kabal whose name refers to a legend of their people, that of Acrius, a Kabal who longed for the sun and who, succeeding in taking it, became the first Kabal Emperor. It is a legend similar to that of Icarus, in fact Acrius is nothing more than an anagram of the name Icarus. The myth of Icarus and the parallels with that of Acrius are also mentioned by Tyra Karn, Cryptarca archivist who collaborated with the Iron Lords during the SIVA Crisis and now continues his work inside the Refuge on Earth.

In this guide we'll see how to get this exotic weapon and unlock its full potential. Complete the Red War campaign and you can begin.

Obtain the Legend of Acrius

The first step to start the quest is to reach Nessus and start killing Cabal. After some time spent shooting and beating, one of your victims will drug the quest-- Listening. He will ask you to retrieve 5 Communications from the Red Legion and the method to do so will be quite simple, as all you have to do is keep killing Cabal on Nessus until you have drugged the necessary amount. The best places to find Cabal on Nessus are the Cistern area (and its Lost Sector called The Confluence) and the Emperor's Adventure, which is also interesting from a narrative point of view if you want to understand what happened before the huge world-eating ship arrived in Nessus' orbit.

After collecting the 5 Communications you will have to complete the Leviathan Raid onceeasily found on Nessus' map. Arm yourself properly, gather 5 more Guardians and answer the call of Emperor Calus. As Ghaul expressed in his personal diaries, the one who would kill Ghaul would receive a personal invitation. You have killed him, so you must leave.

Once the Raid is completed you will receive the object Imperial Invitation and you can talk to Benedict 99-40 inside the Tower Branch (it is possible that the Imperial Invitation tells you to go to the Tower Bazaar, but it is old information, since Benedict 99-40 was in the Bazaar before Season 7), who will give you the next step of the quest.

Benedict 99-40 will ask you to complete the task. Arms dealer in the European Dead Zone. Open the Earth map and it will be waiting for you. Complete the Arms Dealing Assault as requested and then go to Benedict again.

You now possess the Legend of Acrius, but that's not all. The weapon in your possession has a fixed power and still needs to be upgraded to unlock all of its abilities, so you can't see it in the Collections yet, and if you take it apart, you can only get it back from Benedict.

Strengthen the Legend of Acrius

The first step required to strengthen the Legend of Acrius includes three objectives:

  • Kill 25 Cabals
  • Kill 15 Cabals at close range
  • Kill more than one Cabal at a time without recharging until you reach an altitude of 10

Now you will no longer need to stay on Nessus, you can complete these objectives on any planet and during any activity. You can still go back to the areas where you have progressed in the step In Listening, but you can also go to the Erebo Base on Earth.

After completing the three objectives, a new visit from Benedict will take you to the second and final step of upgrading this weapon. You must acquire 10 seals of the Emperor during the Leviathan, each step of the Raid will give you one.

Do not despair, or you players who do not have a Raid team more or less fixed, because there is Light at the end of the tunnel. To get 10 Seals, all you need to do is gather a team to do a dozen or so times just the first step of the three Banners in the Castellum, not the whole Leviathan. Kill waves of Cabal Loyalists, collect the three Banners until you open the box and get a Seal, return to orbit, reset the Raid and repeat.

If you're having trouble getting a team together for Raid, use the companion app from (available Destiny 2 on the Play Store and App Store) to play with other people who need to complete the same step. Go to the Teams section and create one for the Raid activity by entering a title that tells you what to do. "10 Castellum for Acrius Seals, for example, is a title that's right for you.

After collecting 10 Seals, return to Benedict 99-40 and finally get your full version of the Legend of Acrius.

Obtaining the Emperor's Pleasure

If you just want to get and upgrade the Legend of Acrius, then for you the guide ends here, but actually Benedict 99-40 has one last task for you. After giving you the full version of the exotic shotgun, you'll get the new step Eternal Heroes. Completing the Leviathan raid again, this time in Author mode, the frame tampered with by Calus will give you an exclusive decoration called The Emperor's pleasurewhich will give the Legend of Acrius the same white and gold livery as the equipment of the first Raid of Destiny 2 .

Now it really is everything and Calus is proud of you, or his champions.

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