Destiny 2: Guide to Companion Apps and Management Sites

Destiny is a franchise of which Bungie has always provided its own API, which is the programming interface of an application. This choice has allowed and still allows independent developers to create apps or websites that provide various forms of support to Destiny players, so it is useful to see which are the best Companion Apps and websites to use.

Companion of Destiny 2

Available on ANDROID and iOS. It is the official app of Destiny 2 and performs several functions.

  • Organizing your equipment by always having the Depot at your disposal without going to the Tower each time, but also by directly exchanging your equipment from one character to another.
  • Clan management with dedicated chat and change of name, motto and banner functions.
  • Create or search for teams on any platform and for any type of activity. This is definitely the most useful feature of this app, as you can also search for players for all those activities that don't normally have matchmaking, such as Raids or Calvary Night Master, or public ones, such as Intensification Protocol, Blind Well or Altars of Torment.
  • Other minor functions, such as reading news, messages between players, viewing your profile and Bungie Rewards.

If you are a player of Destiny 2 , this is the base, the app you absolutely must have.

Where is Xur? for Destiny 2

Available on ANDROID and iOS. Xûr, Agent of the Nine, is a character who has been providing exotic weaponry to the Guardians since the first Destiny. He appears from Friday's Evening Reset and disappears when Tuesday's Evening Reset is triggered, traveling to a predetermined location on a random planet each week. This app, developed by Crocus Games, allows you to find it immediately and know what equipment it sells.

The app is only available in English, but the features are very basic and do not require a particular command of the language.

Vault Item Manager

Available on ANDROID and iOS. The second app developed by Crocus Games, Vault Item Manager allows you to better manage all your items within Destiny 2 . It is a very useful Inventory and Deposit Manager with some features that give the player that little bit more help. All duplicate items in the Deposit can be highlighted with an orange border, and Grind Mode can also be activated: Vault Item Manager will periodically check your Inventory by transferring all Rare, Uncommon or Common items into the Deposit so as to avoid as much as possible filling all available slots.

This app is also available only in English, but if you know your equipment, you'll hardly have to read anything while using it, so don't worry if you don't master the language very well.

D2 Chalice Calculator

Available on ANDROID. Do you have any doubts about which runes to put inside the Goblet of Opulence and would you like to always have a tool that allows you to know the result of each combination of runes in order to better plan your activities in the Serraglio? D2 Chalice Calculator is an extremely simple app developed by CSTECH Designs that puts you in front of a screen very similar to the one you see in game interacting with the Goblet of Opulence. The only difference is that you can always know what you will get from the runes you enter. is an extremely useful website that provides details on every single item in the Destiny database, even those no longer available or just added. You can view in many languages, including Italian, all the details of each of these equipment, from all the perks you can get to the hidden statistics you can't see in the game. If you are an avid collector or want to know the opinions of the community about various equipment, gives you access to all the Collections outside the game and all players can review the equipment by dividing their vote into PvE and PvP. A site to keep a click away when you can't access Destiny or want to check out information that isn't available in the game.

Destiny Item Manager

Destiny Item Manager is another character management site, comparable to an expanded Vault Item Manager, but the special feature not present on other apps or sites is the Loadout Optimization feature, which allows you to create your Builds between equipment and mods so you have a preview of your optimized character before spending any resources. By adding the weapons you prefer, all these Builds can be saved with custom names and equipped with a single click on the "Equip" button. This way you can always have your favorite sets at hand depending on the activity you're participating in, whether it's Crucible, Gamble, Garden of Salvation or more.


Additional site to manage your characters, but also with its own unique features. Among the unique functions or easily accessible only here there are the possibility to immediately view every step of your current exploits, a tool to keep track of all the Collectables obtained/scanned and the game maps with the location of each of them, reports of all the activities in which you took part and a section "This Week" that shows you useful information such as weapons and triumphs obtainable from activities such as Intensification Protocol, Nightfall, Serraglio, etc..


Clearly these aren't all the sites and apps linked to the Destiny franchise. You could also talk about very useful and well-kept sites like Ishtar Collective, but this guide is a selection of the best for everything related to optimizing your characters and your time for in-game activities. Now you have the knowledge in your hands, go play feeling better than Rasputin.

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