Destiny 2: Exotic Weapons Guide, Jötunn and Le Monarque

With the Year 3 of Destiny 2 , two exotic weapons initially introduced with Season 5 have received a new Enterprise to be obtained: I'm talking about Jötunn and Le Monarque. Previously, to obtain these two weapons you had to rely totally on chance during the Forge activity, while now you can start a very specific Enterprise that will take up part of your time for a few weeks.

"Desperate Measures" and "Fly!"

Enterprises dedicated to these two weapons are easily obtained from Ada-1 in the Tower. Simply go to her and the two Enterprises will be there, ready for you. From the moment you start them you will have to put your efforts into it because the requirements, in addition to a few kills, are the forging of 10 Legendary Frames.

Obtain a ballistics log

To begin forging a Legendary Frame you will need to use a Ballistics Log, which can be obtained from a weekly Ada-1 size. The first will require you to complete two ignitions of the Forge, while the second will require the completion of seven daily Sizes.

To participate in the activity of the Forge, simply enter the map of the Earth from the Navigator, you will find the Forge at the bottom left. The first weekly size will be easy and rather immediate to complete, while for the second the fastest method is to complete all 5 daily sizes and then two more the following day (obviously there is no hurry, the important thing is that you complete it during a single week).

Saboteurs and loaded weapons cores

With at least one Ballistics Registry in your hands, go back to Ada-1 and buy a Legendary Frame. Each of these Chassis will have a combination of the following requirements as a first step:

  • Kill a Forge Saboteur in the European Dead Zone or on Nessus
  • Kill Cabal/Fallen/Vex to get 25 unstable photone/compound ether/radiolary beacons

Depending on the required object, you'll have to kill Cabal, Fallen or Vex at all costs. Getting 25 copies of these items is nothing difficult or time-consuming. For the Forge Saboteur, however, you'll have four places to search. They are not always present, but once you know where they appear, you only need to wait a few minutes.

If the Chassis asks you to kill him in the European Dead Zone, you'll have to go to the Outskirts or the Gorge. The Suburban Saboteur is a Fallen Servant and will appear near the semi-destroyed bridge leading to the Niobe Laboratories; the Throat Saboteur is a Cabal Centurion and will appear near the destroyed remains of Cabal carts.

If the Loom requires you to kill him on Nessus, you will have to go to the Artifact Cuspid or the Reliquary. The Artifact Cuspid Saboteur is a Vex Minotaur and will appear near the destroyed ship, a place you will probably remember as the site of your first dialogue with Failsafe during the Red War campaign; the Reliquary Saboteur does not have a particular place of recognition as the remains of burning wagons or a bridge, but it will not be difficult to find. Starting from the Cuspid of the Artifact and once you have descended into the pit that will take you to the Reliquary, turn slightly to the right to wait for the Saboteur's arrival.

To kill a saboteur, you must first make him vulnerable by removing his shield. To do so, you must destroy the small drones floating around him, which will return if too many seconds elapse without damage to the Saboteur. Once you've killed him, you will unlock two crates and your job will be to detonate the small drone that protects it and open it, obtaining your weapons core.

Alpha and Beta Chassis

Each Alpha Chassis (and later its Beta version) will have different requirements to meet depending on the weapon you're trying to forge, so you'll be faced with requests for precise kills, multi-kills and/or kills of powerful enemies against Hive, Cabal, Corrupt, Vex or Infamous.

  • For the Hive start the Intensification Protocol on Mars or the Blind Pit on the Dream City during the week of average corruption. It will give you a large number of Hives to kill.
  • For the Corrupted ones, start the Blind Well on the Dreaming City during the week of major corruption or the Corrupt Assaults, Lake of Shadows or Haunted Nucleus. Otherwise, go to Io and kill all the Corrupted ones you meet.
  • For the Infamous, start the Blind Pit during the week of least corruption, the Hollow Lair Assault (keep in mind that most Infamous during the boss fight against The Fanatic does not count for these targets) or go to the Dream City to easily find Infamous to kill.
  • For the Cabals start the Assault The Arms Trafficker or spend some time at the Erebo Base in the European Dead Zone.
  • For powerful enemies, launch the Leviathan Incursion and kill the Cabals at the entrance, all enemies with orange life bar.

Calibrated Frame

Satisfied the requirements of Alpha and then Beta Chassis, you will receive a calibrated Chassis. Your only goal will be to collect radiant seeds killing powerful enemies. Heroic Public Event bosses are a great source of radiant seeds, but you can solve everything quicker by returning to the Leviathan and going back to bother those poor Cabal guards who won't do anything to you unless you attack them. If there's any loot involved, the Guardians are really bad people.

When you have collected 20 radiant seeds you will receive a radiant matrix that you will have to bring from Ada-1 to get the last step for forging. Make sure you have a free space in your inventory so that you have the matrix with you immediately and go to Ada-1 starting immediately from the Branch.

Radiant frame

Now all you have to do is select a Forge and complete the ignition. Among the rewards, you'll immediately get the weapon you calibrated the Chassis for, and you'll be one step closer to your two exotic Black Armory weapons.

Secondary requirements

The Enterprise for Jötunn will require the killing of 125 Vex using fusion rifles, while Le Monarque will require the killing of 75 Fallen using bows. Remaining on the Forge theme, you can find the Vexes in the Forge of Izanami and the Fallen in the Forges of Gofannon and Bergusia.

In conclusion, the Enterprise does not require anything particularly difficult. As I said at the beginning, you'll just have to put in a little effort because only two Legendary Chassis can be forged each week, so you'll have to do it for five weeks before you get these weapons. That said, commit to your calibrations or a character from another famous franchise will be offended.

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