Destiny 2 - Campaign Missions Guide, Complete 100%

Destiny 2 it's been a while, you're diving into this fantastic adventure and want to see some great strategies to get out of some missions unscathed ?

We have selected the best complete solution for you, which will guide you step by step through the campaign missions of Destiny 2 .

Solution Destiny 2 MISSION 1 - Memories

This first video guides you through the first mission of the campaign. It is not very difficult but it can be useful to get familiar with the whole new game system. The duration is about 40 minutes, but consider that the introductory part is very long so in reality of pure gameplay are not more than 25-30 minutes. The cinematic scenes are high emotional and visual impact.

Destiny 2 MISSION 2 - Hawthorne

The second mission gives Destiny 2 you new armor, weapons and as you can see is usually started with a level of Power 11. The first phase is exploratory, you'll have to talk to different characters but be ready because in a few minutes you'll get into the action. Here's the video solution of mission 2 that lasts about 20 minutes.

MISSION Destiny 2 3 - Traveler

The third mission finally puts you on board your spaceship. You have to head to Trostland where you will find yourself in an area where enemies fight each other. Get ready, because the surprises aren't over yet. The video will guide you through the third mission and lasts about 26 minutes.

Destiny 2 MISSION 4 - Sloane

Continuing the game, we come to Mission Number 4. The leadership of this mission lasts a bit longer than the others because it takes 21 minutes to complete successfully. It's the first and most challenging mission, which will test you with aim and agility. How are you guys holding up? Here's the solution in the meantime:

Destiny 2 MISSION 5 - First Exotic

At this point you should be about level 50. The average is 10 levels each mission.

Destiny 2 MISSION 6 - Moon

Guide to Destiny 2 the moon at last: Mission Six takes us to the moon with graphics that will leave you breathless especially if you're playing on Playstation 4 PRO. Even here the pitfalls will not be long in coming, so keep your guns ready. This mission played quickly and with no uncertainties will last about 30 minutes. Really one of the most memorable missions of the game thanks to the setting that really leaves you breathless.

Destiny 2 MISSION 7 - The Tomb of the World...

This mission week takes you back to Earth, to the old Soviet Union area. We're getting very close as the story progresses, this mission on average with the others will last about 20 minutes.

Destiny 2 MISSION 8 - The Sword of Crota

Let's get to the eighth part of the guide to Destiny 2 , a game that really exceeded all expectations: if the first chapter was good, this one can easily overcome it. Mission eight lasts exactly 15 minutes, so it's one of the shortest you'll ever face.

Destiny 2 MISSION 9 - Chamber of Night

Ninth mission Destiny 2 for our complete solution. Depending on the class you have chosen you will surely find it more or less difficult to deal with the Bosses. It seems that one of the classes that goes for the most for its ease of use and effectiveness is that of Hunter. Meanwhile this mission number nine will take you about 21 minutes.

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