Desperate Housewives: The Game - Tips and Tricks

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The most famous TV housewives arrive on mobile thanks to a new video game known as Desperate Housewives: The Game ! Of course by downloading the title you will have to deal with unspoken truths, intrigues, crimes and kids next door, but let's not waste time and start immediately by revealing some tricks that could facilitate your stay in the neighborhood.

Run run

Exercise is essential to keep you healthy: in-game, therefore, you need to get out of the house and find suitable objects to interact with. This way you can easily get money, experience and energy. Every now and then, a small square with dots inside appears on the screen: touch it to get some extra energy and avoid wasting precious resources.

No compulsive shopping

In the early stages of the game, don't go crazy shopping: the ideal, in theory, is to wait at least halfway through the second chapter before going shopping. The reason? Simple: by waiting you'll have more money, more shopping options and a better understanding of the game. In this way you will avoid throwing away valuable resources in what you do not really need.

Relationships are everything

Before you focus on the main quest, you should make an effort to improve your relationships with the other characters present. That way you'll be able to initially focus on simpler missions, level up quickly and get rewards without too much effort. By focusing on relationships right away, you'll also unlock new areas with lots of objects to exploit.

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