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The Remake of Demon's Souls and finally released, to help you on your adventure inside the dangerous world of Boletaria, we at have decided to make this guide that shows you where to find all the best armor in the game.

How to get all the pieces of the Grooved Armor

You can get the whole set ofSlotted armor choosing the Knight as the starting class. Choosing this class, however, will force you to put 18 points in stamina, but doing so will guarantee you a rather high defense while still allowing you to dodge while maintaining the Fast Roll.

If, on the other hand, you have decided to start with another class you can find the complete set of the Grooved Armor inside the Latria Tower next to a pile of barrels on the first floor of the Prison of Hope

Scanned Armor Statistics

How to get all the pieces of Yurt's Armor

You will only be able to wear Yurt's armor if you have a male character. the armor is undoubtedly one of the best on this list. Thanks to its excellent defense against poison, it proves to be a perfect armor to deal with Archstone 5-2 of the Valley of Decay. Unfortunately, armor reduces stamina recovery.

To get the armor you will have to kill Yurt, after freeing him from the elevator where he is trapped inside the Tower of Latria, Alta Latria.

Yurt's Armor stats

How to get all the pieces of Black Silver Armor

The armor Argentonero it is the best armor for everyone players who intend to play as a Tank even in the most advanced stages of NG +.

This armor can boast very high stats, however it can only be worn by male characters, plus you will need to have the Trend of the White World nella zona Archstone 5-3 consequently at a rather advanced stage of the game.

To get the armor you will have to defeat Astraea, remember to kill Garl vinland during the first fight. Once the fight is complete, go back to the boss area to meet Garl a second time and kill him a second time to get his set and weapon.

Black Silver Armor Stats

How to get all the pieces of the Golden Armor

The best armor for female characters, you can only get it by having the Tendence of the White World in the Archstone Marsh 5-2, once you reach the area you can get the armor by eliminating Selend or recovering it from a Phosphorescent Snail that is behind a wall of fog in Swamp area 5-2.

Golden Armor Stats

How to get all the pieces of Biorr's Armor

The most thoughtful armor in the game, designed only for male characters, if you're willing to sacrifice fast'roll to get a pretty high defense this armor is for you. You can get the whole Set quickly by killing Biorr, but know that if you choose this option you will face a rather complex challenge.

If, on the other hand, you are not going to delete the npc, you get the trend of the white world at the Boletaria Palace, Warp to the region archstone and you will notice that the gate to its left has opened, follow the street eliminated hostile npc and at the end of the path you will find the set.

Armor of Biorr stats

How to get the Ancient King's armor

The best armor in the game available in Demon Soul's. You can get this armor by completing the Boletaria Ostrava quest. His quest will require you to save him three times inside the Boletaria Palace, you can save him:

  • Boletaria 1-1 palace, ground floor of the castle.
  • Palazzo di Boletaria 1-2, on the lower level of the bridge.
  • Boletaria Palace 1-3, after unlocking the last shortcut.

Once you save Ostrava, you will get the Mausoleum Key from him before the fight with Allant. This will allow you to open the hidden door behind the red-eyed knight, located in Boletaria 1-1 Palace. Inside you will find Doran, eliminate him to get his armor.

Armor stats of the Ancient King


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