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The titles of From Software have a mechanic in any case, that is the one linked to the creation of weapons based on the souls of the bosses defeated during their path. Obviously Demon's Souls, progenitor of the genre was the first to introduce the thing and today we will see all forged weapons.

We forge the various weapons

In the meantime, if you are a longtime player and have therefore played the last two Souls, forget at first the convenience offered by those titles, in which it was possible to obtain the weapon by simply exchanging the Soul of the Boss.

In order to forge armies through the use of Boss Souls, the blacksmith in the Nexus will not be enough. With him you can bring the weapon to +10, but after you will be forced to reach Ed, the "real" blacksmith, located in Archstone 2-1.

Just before the Stonefang Tunnel take the Shortcut and go down to the ground floor, once done you will reach the Forge.

Once you reach it, you will have to unlock advanced forging and to do so you will have to procure an Incandescent Anima.

The Glowing Soul is droppata dal Flamelurker, aka the boss Archstone 2-2 present in the Stonefang Tunnels.

Once obtained DO NOT USE IT IN ANY WAY, as this will have to be given to Ed in order to unlock the related upgrade paths.

Once the advanced forging is unlocked, you just need a basic weapon and a boss's soul to be able to carry out the evolution, obviously everything will cost in Anime.

Let's see all the forge weapons with Boss Souls

Here we are at last with the complete list of all the weapons that can be forged with the Boss Souls of Demon's Souls:

Please note that some names are still in English and that these will be updated later

  • Blueblood sword: You need to forge it a Thoroughbred Demon Soul it's a Broken Sword + 0. The soul is a drop of Astraea, the demon is found at the bottom of the Valley of Decay. It is a longsword that climbs on Fortune, increases both physical and magical damage.
  • Dozing Ax: Serve a Gray Demon Soulae any Ax + 6 o Alabarda+6. Soul is a demonic vanguard drop that can be found at the first Archstone of the Shrine of Storms. It is a purely Force weapon, very powerful because it can be used two-handed with only 20 Force points.
  • Catalyst of Madness: Serve a Yellow Demon Soul it's a Catalyst + 0 Black o silver. The soul is a drop from the Old Monk, the final boss of the Latria Tower. It has devastating magical scaling, but halves the character's HP.
  • Research Broadsword: Serve a Hero Demon Soul and any Curved Sword + 8. The soul is the drop of the Ancient Hero, boss of Archstone 4-2 at the Shrine of Storms. It looks like a very weak weapon, in fact it is. But it actually doubles the chances of a drop, so it's a must-have item for anyone who loves farming.
  • Magma arc: Serve a Tough Demon Soul e any Arc + 7. The soul is the drop of the Armored Spider, the first boss of the Stonefang Tunnels. In addition to the high stats, it has a secret bonus that is not reported anywhere: each arrow adds 100 of Fire damage, which further scales up the Magic stat. If you use it in PVP you are a bad person.
  • Big Cleaver: Here we are at the strongest weapon in all of Demon's Souls. It serves an Arbiter Demon Soul e a Mace / Big Mace + 0, or any Hammer + 6 (for example the pickaxe). The soul is the drop of the Demon Arbiter, the first boss of the Shrine of Storms. This weapon scales S on Strength and Dexterity and also regenerates HP with each hit. As if that weren't enough, it also scales on Faith and can be infused with Fire, so it's the strongest weapon ever.
  • Morion blade: Serve a Storm Demon soul and any Sword + 8 o Greatsword + 8. The soul is the drop of the King of Storms, the last boss of the Shrine of the Storms. The effect of the weapon is to increase damage dealt by 60% if your HP is less than 30% of the total. In short, it is a decent weapon, but considering the low scalings it is nothing special.
  • Ago dell'Eterna Agonia: Serve a Mestizo Demon Soul it's a any Dagger + 7 o Stocco+7. The soul is the drop of Mangiauomini, the boss who protects Alta Latria in the Torre di Latria. This weapon allows you to get 20 souls for each hit inflicted on an enemy. However, due to the low damage it has no concrete use except for farming souls.
  • Northern Regalia: The hardest weapon to obtain in the game. To build it you need a Soulbrandt, a Demonbrandt e the Soul Demon False King, which is dropped by King Allant himself at the end of the Boletaria Palace. The weapon is devastating to say the least because it scales on the Trend: if you have Pure White or Pure Black Tendency the base damage rises up to the astronomical figure of 540.
  • Scraper lance: For this weapon you need of the soul of Phalanx, the first boss of the game at the Boletaria Palace, and of any Spear + 7. The hidden effect of this Spear literally destroys the opponents' weapons. Deals 10 damage to the Durability of other players' items for each hit. In fact in PVP it is very strong, give it a thought if you like to slaughter other players.

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