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The world of aggro control is an aggressive place to live, full of opponents to slaughter, cards to discard and creatures to blast through the convenient use of removal. If you like the impetuousness of looking at this list.

Begin to appreciate all the culture behind the world of Rakdos, abandon the mortal robes and start dressing in rags and thinking about how to satisfy your fellow man through the wonderful world of entertainment. Pestilent spirits, dangerous phoenixes and strange living beings in perpetual flight from the enemy are some of the cards that you will learn to appreciate (and hate) during your training in the structures of the cult that has always lived in the most desperate alleys and hovels of Ravnica.

Dust off your shockland and multi-coloured earths and bottoms up your Wilcards, welcome to an interesting two-coloured agro control deck

Rakdos Aggro Control - PRE war of the spark list

4Dragonskull Skummit
2Zhalfirin Void
4Blood Crypt
2Rakdos Guildgate
1Arch Of Orazca
4Radiating Lightning
2Midnight Reaper
4Legion Warboss
4Runaway Steam-kin
4Pestilent Spirit
1Judith, The Scourge Diva
44 Carnival // Carnage
1Angrathm The Flame-Chained
2Rekindling Phoenix
1Twilight Propeth

Rakdos Aggro Control is a very interesting two-tone deck that tries to meet the expectations of aggro and control players with smart creatures and a large number of removal. Pestilent Spirit, for example, is the right card to remove any type of creature from the battlefield thanks to its ability. Radiant Lightning is another great card that acts as an asymmetric instant speed removal for only 4 mana. The pestilential spirit is capable of turning any card in its deck into a more or less mass removal, giving the deck something like 14 different dry removals for creatures, planeswalkers and almost any other type of permanent on the battlefield.

The creature side is held on sale by Runaway Steam-Kin and Rekindling Phoenix: the former is the typical card that we find more and more often inside the red instant based decks, i.e. a creature that becomes progressively bigger and bigger for each spell cast until it becomes a substantial threat. The thing that makes the steamer a real mine inside this deck is its ability to deflate to generate mana, which makes it versatile and capable of powerful play that can leave the opponent at the mercy of removals and other creatures; the ability, as if that weren't enough, is castable at instant speed and is perfect for surprise attacks to disrupt the opponent's race.

The aforementioned half-bird, on the other hand, is another extremely strong card that our opponent will have to learn to deal with: an evasive hitman who needs two removals in order to be completely annihilated, able to take down an opponent alone at the top of his life in just five rounds. Its extremely sustainable mana cost makes the phoenix one of the strongest cards in the Aggro Control deck and a real lightning rod for removals.

Legion Warboss

Is another extremely damaging threat to our opponent, given his ability to quickly create a board that is difficult to manage thanks to the continuous presence of goblins that he manages to create. Having two of these warlords on the field practically forces the opponent to resort to mass removal in order to survive the overwhelming number of units on the field. This is the perfect card to play against control type decks, notoriously incapable of withstanding assaults of such proportions.

The deck's mana sink has the usual high number of double lands and non-base lands, some of them (Zhalfirin Void) help us to skim the draw by removing any sludge, others mana sink by improving the number of cards drawn per turn (Arch Of Orazca).

The only real problem with this deck is the fishing engine, practically absent from the sixty cards that make it up. The only card that can help in this sense is Twilight Propeth, which gives you a very powerful draw once you reach ten permanents on the battlefield. Other silver bullets (i.e. strong but situational cards) in the deck are Judith, The Scourge Diva, a slightly more powerful version of the Midnight Reaper that we've already learned about, and the virtually immortal Gutterbones, which is difficult to really throw down and can parry some damage by chumpblocking and resurrecting the next turn.

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