Deck Guide of MTG Arena - Mono Red Aggro Deck

Also today we are going to see in detail one of the most performing decks of this MTG Arena metagame.

The deck we are going to see today is a Tier 1 able to take home the games in a few rounds thanks to a large amount of cards capable of dangerously damaging the opponent.

A deck that is not particularly expensive in terms of resources but requires a good number of rare ones to be played; let's see together how it is possible to make such a deck and how the cards that make it up will then be played.

Why choose Mono Red Aggro in MTG Arena?

Mono R Aggro is the right deck for all those players who plan to vomit damage and creatures on their opponents trying to bring down possible threats as quickly as possible.

The Aggro strategy asks the creatures in the deck to attack as often as possible, trying to aim directly at the opponent's life points, leaving it up to the spells to take the creatures down.

This deck does not have a very high difficulty of use and is suitable for all those who want to approach the playstile aggro without first suffering dozens and dozens of defeats in the therapeutic attempt to understand what they did wrong.

MTG Arena Decks - How do you play Mono Red Aggro?

Like any self-respecting aggro deck, everything depends on the starting hand with which you open the game; starting first or starting second also has some importance within your strategy.

Starting first means that your opening hand must have a linear progression that gives you an important advantage from the very first rounds: it's important to have the right creatures, able to give the right clock to your opponent and put him on the defensive from the very first moment of the game.

Starting for seconds instead asks for a different hand, more set to clean the board and always with the right number of lands to be able to proceed with the game.

Mono R Aggro is important anyway, considering the low deck curve it makes sense to try to keep in mind that first hand you don't need many lands and that during the late game without specific cards such as

The creatures compartment is made up of cards that can start doing damage right away like Fanatical Firebrand or cards that are complicated to send away, like the damn Rekindling Phoenix

MTG Arena - Mono Red Aggro Deck List

4Fanatical Firebrand
4Ghitu Lavarunner
4Runaway Steam-Kin
4Viashino Pyromancer
4Goblin Chainwhirler
2Rekindling Phoenix
4Lightning Strike
2Risk Factor
4lightning wizards
2Experimental Frenzy

Composition of the Mono Red Aggro deck.

This is how the deck in question is composed:


4 Fanatical Firebrand - This fanatical is one of the best value cards for the whole deck: he enters a mana and does damage, he is able to nullify opponent attacks by sacrificing himself during the damage count after declaring him as a blocker and he is annoying enough. Four copies are mandatory.

4 Ghitu Lavarunner Creature with two points of constitution resists the creatures of the very first turns decently and is able to be useful even during mid-game thanks to the enhancement obtained if we threw in the graveyard instantaneous and witchcraft.

4 Runaway Steam-Kin Paper really powerful because of its abilities. Whenever you play a red spell (so pretty much anything other than a land) this creature gains a +1+1 counter by upgrading to an honest 4/4; once it reaches this final form it can become a mana source by returning one. This card is able to mess up his opponent's damage count in no time, forcing him to do a lot of calculations.

4 Viashino Pyromancer Two mana for two insured damage, plus two more damage for each time he touches the opponent; the lizard pyromancer is a staple of this kind of deck because all he needs to do is enter the field to do something useful; if the opponent wants to eliminate him, he'll have to waste a removal just for him by taking other stronger cards such as the aforementioned elemental card out of the crosshairs.

4 Goblin Chainwhirler - If you don't like decks full of checkers this card is the solution to them. For three specific mana (which are not a problem in our case) this goblin is ready to clean up even the most complex boards; to this we add a not bad leotard with a sudden attack that allows us to turn chumpblocks into positive trades for us.

2 Rekindling Phoenix - It's cheap, it's a steering wheel and it's one of the most annoying cards that exist inside this deck. To permanently remove this phoenix at least attack/block and use a removal to permanently knock down the egg. A card that practically always creates pieces advantage thanks to its ability and that stands between the opponent's steering wheel and our life points.


4 Shock - The great classic of every red bunch that you respect. This card is able to solve practically the majority of the problems that such a deck can have in the first rounds thanks to the low cost and the decent amount of damage it does. It takes down creatures that are already damaged, takes down undamaged creatures, takes down planeswalkers, takes down opponents, and boosts other cards because of red magic. Never leave home without four copies of shock.

4 Lightning Strike - Where the shock doesn't come, this tarot lightning strikes. Two mana, three damage, arrives where the cheap shot can't arrive allowing you to shoot down bigger things, do more damage etc etc etc etc. Even in this case leaving home with a red deck with minus four copies of Lightning Strike is really on the verge of legality.

2 Risk Factor - one of the most interesting cards in the Guild Of Ravnica expansion. The opponent is forced to choose between taking four damage (i.e. one fifth of his total life points) or having the user of this card draw three cards (which for a red deck is a lot of gasoline). Since it is a snapshot you can play it at any time to mess up your opponent's calculations even more, which makes this card really interesting. Inside the deck there are only two copies because in any case it doesn't solve the problems we might have ahead.

4 wizards lightning A tarot lightning that in the presence of magicians on the battlefield gains a coefficent quality / price really stellar. Three damages for one mana are the dream of all those aggro and burn players who came up playing the previous magic expansions. It allows you to overturn lost games and therefore they are played in quadruple copy inside the deck.


2 Experimental Frenzy A half surprise that comes directly from this latest expansion of Magic The Gathering. This spell allows red decks to have more gasoline to use if you reach the late game thanks to the ability to play directly from the top of the deck one card at a time. The downside of this card is that once it's in the field you can no longer play cards from your hand, making the idea of playing four copies of this crazy experiment stupid. In essence Experimental Frenzy is a very useful card in late game, when you no longer have cards in your hand but dangerous during the other moments of the game, fortunately you can destroy it even once grounded paying a separate mana cost.


22 Mountains - 22 Lands for a bunch that has its maximum drop at 4 mana are enough; you don't need a lot of them to spin the bunch and after the fourth land put on the battlefield the rest almost turn into dead fish.

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