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The fragment of Jund is something far removed from what Ravnica has accustomed us to: in Jund civilization is squeezed between an active volcano, between dangerous mountains and lush jungles that hide behind every overgrown tree an extremely dangerous animal. This fragment of Alara's plane is characterized by a practically unbreathable sulphuric atmosphere, by a warm and humid climate characterized by tar puddles that bubble in the endless nights and by volcanoes that suddenly explode without leaving room for life with their pyroclastic flows.

A primitive world like Jund could only be the home of dangerous creatures like the Goblins or the Viashino, without forgetting the fact that the human being, adaptive as he is, would soon find himself inside the coils of the piano trying to conquer his place in the world to the sound of ideas and inventions. The shamans who have always lived in Jund's boiling craters and inhospitable places define the fragment as the world of absolute freedom, where everyone, from animal to dragon, is simply able to do what he wants, where he wants and when he wants. The complete absence of blue and white mana inside Jund are perhaps the most important feature for us players who will find ourselves having to play without any limiting brake, just at the mercy of the cards in our hands.

The concept of authority in Jund doesn't seem to exist at all, but what if you want to try to translate this philosophy of life into a very different plan like Ravnica's?
The answer is Jund Aggro, that is, the you-know-what we're going to see today.

Jund Aggro List of cards

4 Rootbound Crag
4Dragonskull Summit
2Lightning Strike
2Kraul Harpooner
4Pelt Collector
1Find // Finality
3Status // Statues
3Overgrown Tomb
3Rix Maadi Reveler
4Growth-Chamber Guardian
4Gruul Spellbreaker
1Collision // Colossus
4Blood Crypt
4Stomping Ground
4Goblin Chainwhirler
4Rekindling Phoenix
4Unclaimed Territory

Let's start with the basics right away.

Jund Aggro is a particularly aggressive deck with three warriors", which is why a land like Unclaimed Territory acts as a mana fixer for all the strong warrior cards that you can use during a single game. For example Gutterbones and Pelt Collector are two perfect examples of 1 mana drops that can be placed on the battlefield using the above non-base land. Other drops that can be made thanks to earth mana fixing include the four copies of Gruul Spellbreaker, which can provide a certain degree of protection and do honest damage thanks to its relationship between body and converted mana cost that is absolutely positive for us.

The presence in the deck of four copies of Status // Statues allows the player to create an interesting synergy with Goblin Chainwhirler to literally wipe the board asymmetrically for four mana and then to attack with the entire army of creatures at his disposal. Simply chastise the goblin and play, in response to its enter the battlefield ability, Status // Statues by targeting the goblin itself. This will turn the ability's single damage into lethal damage and destroy all creatures without the indestructible passive ability, bypassing even mischief due to the absence of the actual target.

The creature department then continues with other goodies such as a quadruple copy of each deck's nemesis with a few removals, namely Rekindling Phoenix; this cute little bird is a real thorn in the side of many decks because of its resistance to removals; he can chumpblock a creature, knock it down thanks to his remarkable leotard, and be reborn during his next turn if his opponent doesn't have any cards in his hand so he can destroy the egg he releases at death. Another good example of solid creature to rely on is represented by Rix Maadi Reveler, a card that can act as almost a fishing engine since you can draw three new cards even empty-handed paying the cost of spectale or simply cycle a card in your hand to get something new from the top of the deck, if the draw is not the problem of your game you can always fall back on the nice Growth-Chamber Guardian, able to bring with him his companions simply by acquiring a marker and becoming an important presence on the battlefield.

The sorcery and snapshots department is mainly composed of dual-use cards such as the aforementioned Status // Statues, we have in fact Find // Finality that navigates between the board-wipe and the repechage from the cemetery or Collision // Colossus, suitable to shoot down overgrown flying or to win a chumpblock upsetting all the calculations to our opponent. To make sure we don't miss anything, the deck features two copies of the format's quintessential shot, i.e. the nice Lightning Strike that should never be missing inside a deck equipped with the Prince Land in any case remains the above mentioned Unclaimed Territory, able to present practically all the threats of the deck simply by declaring the right subtype at its launch.

Basically, Jund Aggro is a very aggressive bunch with a complicated manabase to handle that knows how to be aggressive to the right point and has a large number of responses to an equally large number of possible threats. The deck is not particularly difficult to play because it does not require a perfect knowledge of the phases and the tricks possible with the cards available to the player are not particularly difficult; its main problem lies in the expensive manabase to assemble and the general rarity of the cards, which make this deck difficult to complete for a beginner.

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