Death Stranding | How to Unlock and Create Vehicles

One of the quickest ways to get around Death Stranding is with vehicles. This quick guide shows you how to get vehicles and where to make them. At first you'll need to walk around and it won't be easy, because Sam will have a load on his shoulders that with his weight could slow him down or even drop him. Later in the game you can unlock the vehicles, let's see where and when.

Death Stranding | How to unlock vehicles

  • In episode 3 of the main story, he completes the mandatory mission "[Order No. 23] Recovery: System Server".
  • At the end of this mission, return to Lake Knot City. After completing the mission, unlock the Reverse Trike. It is a 3-wheeled motorcycle.
  • You can also unlock various types of trucks by upgrading other facilities (bringing them deliveries). For example, in the central region, upgrading the "Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City" allows you to create even better trucks.

Death Stranding | How to create the vehicles

Trucks require a little more manufacturing materials, but they are more robust and can carry much more weight at the same time. You can even load your load on the back of the truck.

Motorcycles require less materials and a less complex type. They are more versatile, in fact you can drive between rocks and around obstacles more easily. No extra load can be attached to the bikes, you'll still carry it with you while you ride. In these cases, when the MULEs shoot at you they can damage the load.

Unfortunately, the trucks you see around the structures cannot be used. Their batteries are dead and you can't get into those trucks.

To power the vehicles you have to load them with a generator. If you see sparks coming out of your vehicle is almost destroyed. Take it to a garage to repair it. You can also park the vehicles in your garage (the garage is located above your Private Room in any facility). Other players' vehicles can also be recovered in your garage, of course only if you play online.

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