Death Stranding | How to Get More Likes Fast

In Death Stranding you can get Like from other players online and NPC offline through different actions you can perform in the game. This guide explains all the ways you can get Likes and how to get them quickly, both online and offline.

Death Stranding | How to get many Likes quickly

To get "likes" you'll have several ways to go, here are the main ones:

How to get Likes from online players

Online Likes increase your "Bridge Link" rank. There is an online ranking and one of the 5 level categories considers the number of Likes. Likes that you get during missions are added to the rewards screen of the next mission. Here's how to get them:

  • Build structures and vehicles: you get Like when other players use them.
  • Make a donation to a shared locker: If you have a lot of materials available and want to level up quickly, create a lot of things and put them in the shared locker to get many I like snapshots. Other players can then use your items, but they will disappear from your account.
  • Online Lost Property Deliveries: Other players can leave lost property in lockers. Deliver them to their destination.
  • Material Requests: Donate materials to improve a facility.

The fastest way for online likes is by far to put a lot of things in the shared locker, and for long term likes to build many generators near the structure entrances as other players often walk around them.

How to get Like Offline

These likes are the most valuable! Getting more Likes from structures increases your reputation with them and the NPCs connected to them. For each increased level with a structure you get rewards, more materials, more Chiral Energy (so you can build more structures on the map), even email. Most manufacturing plans are related to structure leveling. Let's see how to get these likes:

  • Complete deliveries to a facility to get likes from it (the destination facility will give you likes, not the facility that delivers missions).
  • The best solution is to play in difficult difficulty, accept Premium Deliveries and get the S-rank. This gives you the rank of "Legend of Legends" thus getting more Likes from good grades. Using ziplines is a great way to travel long distances quickly without being slowed down by the load. It's best to focus on large deliveries that give you the most I like. Some deliveries require you to deliver 300 kg and get hundreds of Likes at once. Small deliveries usually give less than 100 likes.
  • Lost cargo: if you see some lost cargo, delivering it (even to a different facility) gives you a small number of Likes.

The fastest way is the combination Premium Delivery at Difficult trying to get the S grade.

How to get Like from BB

BB can also give you likes! This is a great way to increase the level of relationship with BB. For example, a better relationship makes BB less afraid of BT, so she doesn't cry so quickly. Here's how to get them.

  • Look at the mirror in Sam's room and take pictures for instant likes.
  • Jump long distances (without falling), BB enjoys long jumps.

Looking in the mirror and pressing the right lever at the top right makes Sam make a funny face and BB will give him 40 I like it. So make other faces in the mirror for others I like it. This is the fastest method.

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