Death Stranding How to Find and Upgrade the Exoskeleton

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When we start the journey as the courier Sam in Death Stranding, we won't be able to carry much weight, we'll barely be able to put 100 kilos on our shoulders (which for a man is not a few). This will be enough to advance in the early stages of the game, but later in the story this will be a strong limitation.

Once we arrive in the central region, luckily we'll be able to transport much more because we'll have the possibility of unlocking the Powerful Exoskeleton, a suit that allows us to transport loads of 300 kg. Let's see where to find it and how to upgrade it.

Death Stranding | Where to find the Powerful Exoskeleton

Once you reach the central region, you are given the mission to connect several preppers (a kind of preachers) to the Chiral Network. One of these preppers is called The Engineer, and it is he who will guarantee access to the Powerful Exoskeleton. You can find him south of Lake Knot City.

After connecting the Engineer to the Chiral Network, he will give you this powerful suit (Lv. 1), which greatly increases your ability to carry weight. Once you get it, make sure you make it and equip it in the "load" menu, otherwise it will not unlock.

To get the most out of the Powerful Exoskeleton you need to upgrade it up to the third level, so the weight that can be transported by Sam can reach 300 kg, a quantity that will allow you to have less pathologies during the preparation of shipments.

Death Stranding | How to upgrade the Powerful Exoskeleton

In fact, you can upgrade the exoskeleton to level 3, which improves energy consumption and transportable weight.

To upgrade the exoskeleton, you'll need to obtain manufacturing schematics. To obtain these exoskeleton schematics, you will need to improve your relationship with the Engineer. To do this, you must bring the Lost Load to him (you will find it around the area), and complete the standard orders that he will assign to you.

Once you reach the 3 stars with The Engineer, you will unlock level 2 of the exoskeleton (in the picture above). To reach level 3, you'll need to bring it up to 4 stars. It's not too difficult and shouldn't take more than six or seven deliveries in total.

After unlocking level 3 of the Powerful Exoskeleton, you'll be able to carry about 300kg (although it's probably best not to exceed 200kg to maintain your balance).

You'll need to know this to unlock and upgrade the Powerful Exoskeleton.

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