Death Stranding | How to Balance the Weight of the Load

In Death Stranding constantly carrying heavy loads. When you carry a lot of weight at once (over 60 kg), your character Sam will tilt left and right when you move sideways. If you don't correct the tilt, he may fall and damage the load. This guide contains some quick tips that will help you balance your weight more easily.

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  • When you run, stay in a straight line. Do not make sharp left or right turns. When you do, the weight will tip Sam over - if this is about to happen, hang on to the load with L2 + R2. If Sam tilts to the left, you need to press R2 to push him to the right. If he tilts to the right, you need to press L2 to push him to the left.
  • To prevent the load from falling, press and hold L2 + R2 simultaneously. Even if you make tight turns your load cannot fall! Use it even when walking on steep slopes. It's slower than running but much safer.
  • If you just want to run in a straight line without worrying about balancing the load, keep the total weight under 60 kg. It won't always be possible, though. Anything over 200 pounds will tilt Sam sideways. The more weight you carry, the more drastic the effect.
  • During episode 3 you get the "Power Skeleton", it allows you to carry about 300 kg (it has several upgrade levels that exceed the 300 kg limit). It is an exoskeleton that supports Sam's body.
  • When you equip new load to the terminals, press to automatically balance the load at the best point.

The balancing system is like a minigame that makes exploring much more difficult, but also less boring, but it can be frustrating to have to watch out for all these things just to walk. Don't worry, afterwards, you can also unlock vehicles that make deliveries a bit easier as you no longer have to juggle between weight and goods.

Follow the points above and you'll have no problem carrying Sam's load at first.

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