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    How to unlock Kojima's Death Stranding trophies ? The universe created by Kojima hides a myriad of secrets and objectives to unlock but if you're having trouble making your way to the platinum trophy Death Stranding here's a complete guide that will help you easily get all the trophies in the game.

    Death Stranding : Guide to unlock each trophy in the game

    The trophy lis Death Stranding t includes 1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 59 Bronzes. To take all the trophies you need over 150 hours of game time in total, this is because you need to maximize and grow all the UCA structures present to connect. The only thing you can do to speed up the process is to travel with the cable cars in order to reduce the travel time.

    Death Stranding : Strategic guide to trophies (Platinum, 100% structures, chips)

    After the main story you will have a very free post game and you can complete everything you have left pending and unlock the remaining trophies so our advice is: PLAY THE HISTORY FIRST and then worry about the rest.

    The greatest of the great Messi (Platinum)

    You got all the trophies of Death Stranding .

    Delivery is my job

    Complete the prologue: Courier.

    Reconstruction of America

    Full Episode 1: Bridget.

    We Need You

    Complete episode 2: Amelie.

    It's not easy to break me

    Complete Episode 3: Fragile


    Complete episode 4: Unger.

    We are together again

    Complete episode 5: Mama.

    I BB: Bridges between this world and the world beyond

    Complete episode 6: Deadman.


    Complete episode 7: Clifford.

    Sixty deaths and sixty resurrections a day

    Complete episode 8: Heartman.

    The God Particle

    Complete episode 9: Higgs.

    I'm your Die-Hardman

    Complete episode 10: Die-Hardman.

    Give me back my son.

    Complete episode 11: Clifford Unger.

    She's waiting for you on the beach

    Complete episode 12: Bridges.

    Thanks, Sam.

    Complete episode 13: Sam Strand.

    Thanks for everything (Silver)

    Complete episode 14: Lou.

    Ordinary delivery

    Complete a standard order.

    Completed deliveries

    Complete 36 standard orders.

    This type of deliveries are unlocked after Order 9 of the story mode, they can then be selected from the Terminals. They are delivery missions just like normal main missions, with the difference that they are optional. We can consider them real side missions. If you aim for platinum you can "combine" these orders both with the routes provided by the story mode and while maximizing all the structures. After the story mode these orders will continue to appear indefinitely, just make 36 to get the related trophy.

    You can keep track of standard deliveries made from the menu: World Map in the Orders section.

    The origin of a legend

    Complete 10 premium deliveries with a "Legend" or "Legend of Legends" rating in each individual category. See next trophy.

    The growth of a legend (Gold)

    Complete 20 premium deliveries with a "Legend of Legends" rating in all categories. This trophy is much more complex than it looks:


    First you will need to unlock premium deliveries by passing order 24 in history mode. Once you're done, access any terminal and press on a standard order, then select the related premium delivery that will have more difficult requirements to meet

    How to get the rating Legend of legends in Death Stranding ?

    The Legend of Legends rating is only unlocked by playing at the "Difficult" difficulty level and obtaining the S grade in missions. At lower difficulty levels you won't get it.

    How to get the S grade in all missions of Death Stranding ?

    Fortunately, the difficulty makes absolutely no difference for deliveries, the only thing that changes is the difficulty in clashes with bosses and enemies that will inflict you much more damage, but there are none during deliveries. So for the actual transport there is no difference. For this reason, we recommend that you always play difficult and reduce to easy if you have problems with bosses.

    What does Legend of Legends mean in all categories?

    Basically there is a total of 4 categories in which to obtain the Legend of Legends rating: Conditions, Quantity, Miscellaneous and Time. These are the categories with which deliveries are divided:

    • Conditions - Often indicated with "Conditions of Charge" or "Fragile Order" with Often indicated with "Quantity" in yellow.
    • Miscellaneous - Often indicated with the word "Collection" by Often indicated with the timing to be met in yellow.

    You can always keep track of your progress in the menu: World Map in the Premium Orders section.


    Remember that the quests in the story do not count for this trophy, but only the premium version of the standard deliveries. Also, repeating a premium delivery getting the maximum score will not increase the counter for the trophy, you will have to finish with the maximum score 20 different premium quests.

    A friendly hand

    Issue your first request for supplies. Online trophy

    Once connected to the game servers, press options and enter the supply requests menu. Select an object and a destination. This will send a supply request to other online players who can deliver the requested item to you. Simply post the supply request to unlock the trophy (no need to collect supplies). Supply requests are unlocked during episode 2, after completing the Order 10 arrived at the Wind Park.

    The robotic revolution

    Complete a standard order with a robot courier.

    The robot couriers are unlocked in episode 3 after order 24. Access a terminal and choose "Standard orders (robot delivery)". The completion of the order by the robot will take some time, usually about 1 hour. After that time, the mission will not be completed instantly. On the contrary, it will be completed when you complete another order or access a terminal. The trophy will be unlocked once the robot's delivery prize screen is displayed.

    Apprentice builder

    Build your first structure (there are also signs, ladders and climbing pitons).

    During Order No. 4 in Episode 2, you will be shown how to build a sign.

    Master Builder

    Build at least one structure of any kind (including signs, ladders and climbing pitons).

    Advanced version of the previous trophy, requires you to create one of the following structures at least once:

    • Sign (hold down L1 and press triangle to place signs everywhere)
    • Scale
    • More
    • Generator
    • Watchtower
    • Timefall Shelter
    • Zipline
    • P.O. Box
    • Bridge
    • Safehouse
    • Road

    You will be able to unlock all these structures by simply moving forward in history.

    Death Stranding Tricks not to consume resources

    If you don't want to waste resources on building these structures you can use this trick: make a manual rescue in advance, build the structure you need for the trophy and then reload the manual rescue. Repeat until you build all the structures without wasting anything.

    A new day for UCA

    Connect your first new affiliate to UCA. Bronze

    We trust Sam

    Connect all the facilities to the UCA.

    In Death Stranding there are 39 UCA structures that you have to find and connect to the UCA network. They are like a kind of outposts and in order to connect them to the network you have to find them and then level them up by making deliveries. The main story will lead you to unlock almost all the structures but there are some that must be searched separately.

    Social network

    Reach level three connection to a facility.

    Each structure of the game has 5 levels shown as stars on the map or on the rewards delivery screen. You can increase this level by making deliveries.

    Everyone's Friend (Silver)

    Reach the maximum level of connection with all facilities.

    This is the longest and most boring trophy of the game that takes so many hours to complete, so we recommend that you tackle it in the post game doing what you can during the story without ruining the experience. Basically you have to bring all 39 UCA structures of the game to the maximum level, getting 5 stars. Every time you complete a delivery you'll get a Like from this facility.

    Death Stranding how to quickly bring the structures up to level 5

    If you want to quickly get Like in Death Stranding to bring your facilities to the maximum level the best method is to play the difficult difficulty and aim for the S grade, especially with heavier loads. The difficulty, the grade obtained and the heavy loads (hundreds of extra Likes) make the Likes received by the structure at the end of delivery grow a lot.

    Also better to prefer standard deliveries that show how many likes they give at the end of the mission, always prefer them to lost loads. The cable car is essential so that you can pass quickly between one place and another without walking and avoiding enemies.

    IMPORTANT: Sometimes some facilities seem to have no orders. So try with lost loads and keep bringing them items until they recognize your efforts and unlock deliveries for you.

    It's not nice what's nice

    Assign your first I like it.

    Throughout the game world, there are items placed by other players. For example: ladders, ropes, etc. Press the touchpad next to one of these structures to give it a Like.

    IMPORTANT: You don't have to play online, if you're offline there will be items placed by NPC that you can give Likes to.

    The People's Courier

    Reach a total of 2,400 I like in the results screen.
    See the "World's Most Famous Courier" trophy.

    The most famous courier in the world

    Reach a total of 50,000 I like in the results screen.

    You'll get it automatically while working on the Big Putty and Everybody's Friend trophies. Likes can be obtained mainly from 2 things: Deliveries and Bridge-Link (i.e. when people online use your facilities or make donations to a shared online locker etc.).

    For this trophy you have to count the likes online + offline together. The total number of Likes obtained is displayed on the world map, just press the touchpad.

    Good Samaritan

    Deliver your first lost cargo.

    Lost cargo is everywhere in the desert. Press R1 to use the scanner and scan the area up to 100 meters around you. Find the lost cargo and return it to the facility to get the trophy.

    Heart of gold

    Giving away weapons, equipment, etc. for the first time. Online Trophy

    After connecting to the game servers, go to any Terminal and open a shared locker. Put an item in it and you will get the trophy. The sharing lockers become available in episode 2 after you complete Order 4 and reach the Waystation west of Capital Knot City.

    You don't throw anything away

    Recycle chiral crystals for the first time. You'll unlock it by following the main story.

    Thirst for knowledge

    Restore your first memory chip. See the next trophy.

    Source of knowledge

    Restore all memory chips.

    A particular type

    Get your first customization data. You'll unlock it as you go along.

    Close your eyes and relax

    Bathe in a hot spring for the first time.

    There are 7 thermal springs in total Death Stranding , just pass by and they will appear on the map. For the trophy you have to enter the thermal spring and press first to sit down and then to get up. The easiest thermal spring to find is in the central region, south-west of Film Director and north of Junk Dealer:

    Memory full

    Read 100 messages.

    Receive messages by doing 2 things: Missions History and maximizing the level of Structures. Over the course of the story you will receive about 50 messages, the rest you will have to unlock by maximizing the level of Structures. Sometimes you will not receive emails automatically but you will have to sleep in the private room of the maximized facility.

    To view the number of messages received open the menu: World map and view the Mail section.

    Tell me a bit about yourself

    Read 100 interviews.

    Get interviews from 3 things: story missions, structure upgrades and memory chips (collectible). Follow the procedure described in full memory and collect the memory chips.

    To view the number of messages received open the menu: World map and view the Data section and then Interviews.


    Help the couriers through an area of MULI or terrorists for the first time.

    First, unlock the non-lethal assault rifle Lv. 1. You get it automatically from order 41 in episode 4.
    Now go to a MULI zone in the central region and stun all the enemies. This type of zone is marked with an orange zone on the map that contains enemies that I want to take your cargo.

    To get the trophy you must stun all enemies in a single camp. If done correctly, you will also see a text message at the bottom left "The carriers will temporarily be able to cross this area".


    Reach the maximum connection level with the BB.

    The connection level with BB automatically increases over time, just make deliveries. BB is the baby you carry around hooked on your chest. If you maximize the level of structures your connection with your baby will grow exponentially. Remember to sleep often in the private rooms of the facilities and to interact with BB (just once per facility).

    IMPORTANT: Never let BB's health wear out. If it does, sleep in a facility to restore it. The longer your health remains exhausted the more your connection will be affected.

    He likes me!

    Get a I like it from the BB. Bronze

    The easiest way to get it is to access a private room of the facilities look in the bathroom mirror, perform an action with the right stick and take a picture of Sam.

    There are, however, several ways to get a Like from BB, going forward in the story you will definitely unlock one.

    Budding courier

    Reach level 10 in any delivery rating category.
    You see the "Big Putty" trophy.

    Big put

    Reach level 60 in any delivery rating category. Online Trophy

    You will get it automatically while trying to maximize the level of all the structures (see the Friend of All trophy). There is, however, a faster process to get I like it in Death Stranding , that is to donate many items in the sharing lockers or build a lot of them. In this way you'll get a lot of I like from other players and you'll be able to unlock this trophy already at the end of the story mode. Remember to be connected to the game servers though.

    Predator or Prey

    Defeat a predator.

    You'll get it during the main story.

    Five more minutes

    Cured with sleep for the first time.
    Leave the load on the floor holding down then hold down to sit down and finally hold down to let Sam rest and heal.

    Boots are a courier's best friend

    Change your shoes for the first time.

    You will unlock the option to create new boots after order 7 in episode 2. Simply go to any Terminal to change your shoes.

    Of course you like to deliver!

    I deliver 700 items of cargo.

    If you're aiming for platinum and getting 5 stars in each facility is impossible to miss, just make deliveries.

    Pumped courier

    Delivery 3,000 kg load. Bronze

    If you're aiming for platinum you'll get it without even realizing it, just make deliveries and reach a total of 3,000 kg.

    Unparalleled Traveller

    Travel 80 km and complete an order. Bronze

    You'll get it by completing the main story, while if you also want to unlock platinum you'll be able to cover almost 1,500 km.

    God's boast

    Find Higgs' house. Bronze

    Higg's house is located in the central region, within Peter Englert's structure. This property is directly west of Lake Knot City (see image below). You must have passed episode 9 to gain access to Peter Englert's facility. All you need to do is enter his home to get the trophy:


    In an AC zone, cut an umbilical cord for the first time without the ACs noticing.

    You will get the tool to cut the cord after episode 5. Every single BT has an umbilical cord that becomes visible when using the scanner with R1. BTs occur in areas where it rains. You will find several of them along the main story.

    Any help is welcome

    Make an exchange with another courier for the first time.

    The couriers of the trophy are NPCs, dressed in white, which can be found in groups of 3-4 people in various areas of the map (near Junk Dealer there are usually more). When you meet them give them a large number of likes, then select items and place them in front of them. If they are interested they will take them, then keep giving them objects until they point one towards you. At that point you just need to take it to complete the exchange and unlock the trophy.

    Sweet dreams BB

    Calm a crying BB and make him stop crying for the first time.

    If it has never happened to you, to make a BB cry, all you need to do is fall from a hill and slide on the rocks. The BB container will turn red and it will start crying. Press L1 to pull it off your chest and rock it swinging the controller.


    Make a scream that echoes back to you for the first time. Online Trophy

    Press the touchpad to call other players online. To get the trophy you have to hear another player's voice coming back like an echo, it will mean that someone answered your scream. Keep pressing the Touchpad at different points in the game and you'll definitely unlock it in the end.

    A responsible courier

    Dismantle the chiralium-contaminated cargo in crater lake for the first time.

    Go to the Junk Dealer facility (Central Region). There's a lot of contaminated cargo around there. Take one of those and go to the big tar lake near Junk Dealer. Equip the contaminated cargo on your right hand (via R2) and then drop the cargo into the lake.


    Maximises all types of structure.

    The following structures must be upgraded to the maximum level:

    • GENERATOR - (PCC Lv. 1) - Level 2: 400 metals, Level 3: 100 chiral crystals, 400 metals
    • GUARD TOWER - (PCC Lv. 1) - Level 2: 32 chiral crystals, 400 metals - Level 3: 150 chiral crystals, 800 metals
    • SAFEHOUSE - (PCC Lv.2) - Level 1: 300 chiral crystals, 2400 special alloys - Level 2: 500 chiral crystals, 4500 special alloys - Level 3: 1000 chiral crystals, 6840 special alloys
    • SHELTER TIMEFALL - (PCC Lv. 1) - Level 2: 32 chiral crystals, 400 metals - Level 3: 300 chiral crystals, 1200 metals
    • FUNIVIA - (PCC Lv. 2) - Level 2: 240 chemicals, 480 special alloys, Level 3: 300 chiral crystals, 1440 chemicals, 1440 special alloys
    • POSTAL CASELLA - (PCC Lv. 1) - Level 2: 200 metals - Level 3: 600 metals
    • BRIDGE - (PCC Lv. 1) - Level 1: 800 metals - Level 2: 96 chiral crystals, 1600 metals - Level 3: 500 chiral crystals, 2800 metals

    Update your facilities to make sure you get the trophy. You can also update those of other players but it is not confirmed that you will get the trophy.

    I couldn't take it anymore!

    Pee outdoors for the first time.

    Just select the option to urinate in the desert, it will also mark the location of your need to other players with a mushroom.

    All roads lead to the UCA

    Complete your first road. Bronze

    Continue in story mode to unlock it.

    Sweet melodies

    Use the music player for the first time.

    You will unlock the music player at the beginning of Episode 2 (Order 4). In Sam's private room, interact with the Map on the wall and choose the Music Player from the Order/Data menu. Play any song to get the trophy.

    Important Relationships

    Reach level 1 of Bridge Link. Online Trophy

    It's about getting likes from other players and completing deliveries, check out the "World's Most Famous Courier" trophy to learn more.

    Homo Faber

    It manufactures all available weapons and equipment.

    There are 72 different items that you can make. To get the plans to make weapons and equipment available just level up all the 5-star facilities (see the Friend of All trophy) and finish the story. This way you'll get as many as 71 designs. The only missing project you can get from the memory chip 31.

    There are instead 3 objects: Oxygen Mask, Power Gloves and Thermal Pad, which can only be made in the Snowy Mountain Region Terminal. All other craft items are available at any terminal in the game world.

    Below is a complete list of all weapons and equipment available in (be careful Death Stranding , the names have been translated from English and some names may differ from the local version):

    1. Scale
    2. Climbing nail (Lv. 1)
    3. Climbing nail (Lv.2)
    4. CPC (Lv. 1)
    5. PCC (Lv.2)
    6. Container repair spray
    7. Blood bag
    8. Smoke bait
    9. Cargo Equipment
    10. Bridges Boots (Lv. 1)
    11. Bridges Boots (Lv. 2)
    12. Bridges Boots (Lv. 3)
    13. Powerful Exoskeleton (Lv. 1)
    14. Powerful Exoskeleton (Lv.2)
    15. Powerful Exoskeleton (Lv.3)
    16. Fast Exoskeleton (Lv. 1)
    17. Fast Exoskeleton (Lv.2)
    18. Fast Exoskeleton (Lv.3)
    19. All-terrain Skeleton (Lv. 1)
    20. All-terrain Skeleton (Lv.2)
    21. All-terrain Skeleton (Lv. 3)
    22. Armor (Lv. 1)
    23. Armor (Lv.2)
    24. Armor (Lv.3)
    25. Armor (Lv.4)
    26. Oxygen mask
    27. Power Gloves
    28. Thermal Pad
    29. Bola Gun (Lv. 1)
    30. Bola Gun (Lv.2)
    31. Anti-BT gun (Lv. 1)
    32. Anti-BT gun (Lv.2)
    33. Sticky gun
    34. Gun (Lv. 1)
    35. Gun (Lv.2)
    36. Gun (HG customized)
    37. Assault rifle (Lv. 1)
    38. Assault rifle (Lv.2)
    39. Assault rifle (Lv.3)
    40. Assault rifle (HG custom)
    41. Non-lethal assault rifle (Lv. 1)
    42. Non-lethal assault rifle (Lv.2)
    43. Non-lethal assault rifle (Lv.3)
    44. Non-lethal assault rifle (HG custom)
    45. Pump gun (Lv. 1)
    46. Pump gun (Lv.2)
    47. Pump rifle (HG customized)
    48. Riot Rifle (Lv. 1)
    49. Riot Rifle (Lv.2)
    50. Riot Rifle (HG customized)
    51. Grenade launcher
    52. Remote detonation grenade launcher
    53. Quadruple rocket launcher
    54. Multi-Rocket Launcher
    55. Blood Grenade (Lv. 1)
    56. Blood grenade (Lv.2)
    57. Smoke grenade (Lv. 1)
    58. Smoke grenade (Lv.2)
    59. Stun Bomb
    60. Remote Stun Bomb
    61. Grenade
    62. Floating Carrier (Lv. 1)
    63. Floating Carrier (Lv. 2)
    64. Reverse Trike
    65. Reverse Trike: Long Range
    66. Reverse Trike: Defensive
    67. Reverse Trike: "Ride" type
    68. Truck
    69. Truck: long-haul (Lv. 1)
    70. Truck: long-haul (Lv.2)
    71. Truck: long-haul (Lv.3)
    72. Truck: defensive

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