Death Stranding: 24 Tips to Get You Through the First Hours | Beginner's Guide

Now let's talk about a handful of weird details in this game - you can earn special grenades by washing, urinating or defecating. You can sneak through villainous cargo thieves and enter their base if you're not carrying cargo, and you can spawn healing items in the desert by peeing on them. More specifically, you will have to work with the community to piss on the same holographic mushrooms.

There's a lot to learn here, so I'm expanding the format and offering 24 tips and tricks for. Give your BB a soothing shake and get your day ready, we go out into the wild.

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#1: Always choose to be online! You'll get more rewards, more useful items in the environment, and overall a much better experience. Being online is not intrusive. It's like being in a big community where you all work together to help each other.

# 2: Scroll through Episode 2 to unlock an extremely useful ability at the start of Episode 3 - Fast Travel! This ability allows you to quickly transfer to areas you've visited before, making it much easier to complete quests. No more long walks.

# 3: Hold (L1) and target a marker (D-Pad: Left / Right) and lock to get an altitude forecast. You will be able to see the ground elevation between you and your target. Use this to see if your route will take you over extremely steep terrain. Very useful for drawing paths with vehicles.

# 4: Look for cryptobiota to quickly restore the blood level of the tour! You can take a total of 999, so try to catch as many as possible. Several egg-laying on strange growth sites. Use your scanner to spot them.

# 5: If you see a holographic mushroom, it means that it is a place that a person has urinated. Urinate in the exact same spot, and if other online players do too, the mushroom will transform into a cluster of mushrooms producing a load of cryptobiota for you to collect.

# 6: Fighting MULEs is not too difficult. You don't have to run! Instead, equip the strand. You have always equipped it! Equip it, hold down (L2) and press (R2) when a MULE attacks. You're going to counter and knock them out, making it easier to use them with a three attack combo.

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