Dead Space 3 : Guide to Trophies/ Achievements !

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Dead Space 3 : Guide to Trophies/ Achievements!

At my level

Complete the game at any level of difficulty.

The explorer

Complete all optional missions.
There are 10 in total and some of them can only be completed in co-op.


Complete the game in Extreme mode.
Complete the game to unlock this mode.

Epic Level 4 Technician

Complete the game in Classic mode.
Complete the game to unlock this mode.


Complete the game in Survival mode.
Complete the game to unlock this mode.

Weapons collector

Get all the weapon components.

The professor

Collect all the artifacts.

The Librarian

Collect all the records.

The Gunsmith

Pick up all the circuits.

Peng is forever!

It's always there.
You will have to find the figurine of Peng: In Chapter 14, begin the secondary mission "Reaper Barracks" and descend with the ladder. Lock the plunger with the spikes inside the pipe and cross it. Once there, wait until the plunger is forward and look behind it to find the figurine.

My friend
It retrieves resources from a search robot to a terminal.
You'll get the Seeker Bot in Chapter 5.
Launch the robot and wait. After 10 minutes it will return to the workbench with the resources found.

Metal detector

Successfully send search robots to 15 resource areas.
Same as the previous trophy/goal, just throw it in 15 different areas.

The Blacksmith

Create a weapon.

Circuit wizard

Add a circuit to a weapon.

Doctor on the front line

Create a large medical kit.
You can do it through the workbench.
You'll need 120 units of somatic gel to create it.

All busy

Creates a weapon with 2 tools, tips and couplers with all the circuit slots occupied.
You'll need to fill all 15 slots on a weapon.


Maximize your RIG.

Supreme Project

Create a project that requires at least 2000 resources in components and circuits to be implemented.
Try to create a very powerful weapon and you will easily exceed 2000 resources.

Guardian Angel

Save your co-op partner from an execution by eliminating his assailant.
Save your partner from the grasp of an enemy.

Share and rule
Use the RIG to give an item to your co-op partner.

Is there a doctor?

Reanimate your co-op buddy 10 times.

Ghosts of the past

Face all of Carver's demons by completing all optional missions playable only in co-op.
Of the 10 side missions available, 3 belong to Carver.

The Architect

Share a project with your co-op partner.

The Axe there!

Kill 30 enemies with axes.
Kill a soldier by sending back a grenade or rocket with telekinesis.

Aim for the limbs!
He dismembers 500 limbs of living enemies.


Dismembers 1,000 living enemy limbs.


Kill 50 enemies while they are in stasis.

Kill 30 enemies with blast damage.


Kill 30 soldiers with blows to the head.

Personal matter

Kill 30 enemies with melee attacks or a melee weapon component.

It loses acid

Dissolve 50 enemies with acid.

The electric lawnmower

Kill 30 enemies with an electrified cutter blade.

Intensive care

Use quick care on yourself for 20 times.

Secret Objectives/Proxies ( May Contain Spoilers )

Foreigner in a foreign land

Complete the Prologue.

Space Odyssey

Survive your first space walk.

Critical mass

Retrieve the shuttle.

Crash in the snow

Get to Tau Volantis.

Intestinal strength

Defeat the supreme mind.


Kill the snow beast.

As one being

Re-assemble Rosetta.

Hellish Machine
Get to the alien machine.

Aim for the Moon

It annihilates the moon.

The hunter

Shoot the deer head target in the admiral's quarters.
The deer head is located in Chapter 4. When you get to the admiral's room, the one where Isaac will translate the marks on the wall, look above the entrance to find the hanging deer head to shoot down.

Space Ace

Shoot at least 70 targets on the way to Tau Volantis.

I'm so hungry

Reach the pump room at the intermediate stop without alerting any devourer.
In Chapter 9, it's not difficult at all just to sneak around and be careful not to alert them. You'll see that you can do it with a couple of tries.


Complete the drill room without damage.


Kill 5 cysts in the biological analysis structure with a single poisonous gas cloud.


Collect all alien artifacts.

Close encounters

Kill 10 necromorphic aliens.
They are the enemies of the last chapters, aliens turned into necromorphs.

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