Dead Space 3 - Guide to the Circuits ! Locations

You didn't think that your Guy would let you die alone at the mercy of Necromorphs of Dead Space 3 and terrorists without first telling you everything you can about the new chapter in the Visceral epic, right?


The following guide describes where to find the 61 Circuits hidden in the game that will not only unlock the related trophy/objective, but will also lead the player to get the MK-II OVERCLOCKED ACCESSORY.
This type of collectible is used to upgrade weapons by influencing 4 parameters:


IMPORTANT: The guide is made on the English language version of the game, so some names may differ. If some chapters are not present, it is because those chapters do not contain that collectible or do not contain that type of collectible. You can still check how many partworks there are in each chapter and how many you have collected from the START menu.


Boost Circuit: As soon as you enter the room with the batteries, immediately look in the box on the wall to the right of the entrance door.
Boost Circuit: Once past the cinema hall, go to the end of the corridor to find a box with the circuit on the right wall.


Upgrade Circuit: As soon as the level starts, position yourself as shown in the picture to pick up the circuit with stasis.

Upgrade Circuit: Just before you meet Ellie, you'll arrive at a small entrance with 4-way access. Enter the small room on the right that was previously closed to find the circuit on the pit in the wall.

Upgrade Circuit: Go to C.M.S. GREELY. Shortly after entering you will arrive in a room with a staircase in the middle. Go down and you will see next to the staircase a door that must be opened with a tungsten bar that you have to create on the work table. Behind the door is hidden this circuit in a box on the wall.

Upgrade Circuit: Go to C.M.S. GREELY. After returning power, balance the fuses in the next room to return to the main area, the previous circuit.
The doors are now unlocked and you can enter the one next to the lockers and in front of the stairs. You will find yourself in the bathroom where you can collect the circuitry from the sink.
Boost Circuit: Go to the C.M.S. Brusilov and fly to the spaceship piece with the big 6 at the bottom left. Fly "behind the 6" and enter the spaceship. At the bottom you will find a box with the circuit inside.

Upgrade Circuit: Go to the Terra Nova C.M.S. and fly out of the ship. Once you reach the exit, look at the picture to reach the piece of the spaceship. Fly behind it to find, between 4 columns, a box containing the circuit and various equipment.

( The following can be collected ONLY in a cooperative. )

Upgrade Circuit: On the third floor of the lift, enter the small room on the left just in front of the panels to reactivate the power that you will find on the right of your path.


Upgrade circuit: Go to the second floor and as soon as you enter the command bridge climb the right stairs. At the top, look on the wall on the left to find a box with the circuit.
Boost Circuit: As soon as you enter the area called "Fore Station", look in the lower right corner to find a box on the wall with the circuit.

Upgrade Circuit: Upon arrival at the Mid-station, begin the secondary CONNING TOWER mission. After destroying the third beam of electricity that blocks you, enter the door and look to the right on the console to find the circuit.
Upgrade Circuit: Always during the CONNING TOWER mission, reach the work tab and create a bar with the Tungsten. Continue and after eliminating the enemies and destroying the electricity beam, you will find the door to open with the bar right in front of the ladder that you will have to use to descend and continue.
Upgrade Circuit: During the CONNING TOWER mission, once you have control of the elevator, go to the second floor and take Edward's card. Then go up to the third floor and climb up again with the elevator to reach the door for the card. Inside you'll find a large box where you can find it.
Boost Circuit: Same place as the previous circuit.


Upgrade Circuit: Go upstairs to restore fuel look in the pit on the wall.
Boost Circuit: Once the reactors are switched on, go down the ladder to find the circuit in a box on the wall in your path.


There are no collectibles in this chapter.

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