Dead Rising 2 - Guide to Achievements / Trophies!

For a destruction seasoned with sadism to take to the streets of Fortune City, here is our guide to the achievements that will lead you to get the 1000G that the game has to offer!! Happy hunting!!!!

Kill zombies [20G]Kill 500 zombies.

Zombie destruction [20G]Kill 5,000 zombies.

Z-Genocider 2:the return [20G]Kill 53596 zombies.

Lord of the zombie genocide [20G]Kill 72,000 zombies.

Vigilantes [20G]Defeat 5 psychos.

Judge, jury and executioner [20G]Defeat the 10 psychopaths.

Zomb expert was [20G]Kill 1,000 zombies with your bare hands, it is advisable, before shooting stings between zombies, to reach the maximum level, 50, so you have the maximum attack power available.
Use the Destruction skill often.

The terror of the streets [20G]Kill 1,000 zombies while riding your bike.

Easy trigger
[20G]He uses all kinds of firearms to kill zombies.

Head trauma [20G]Use any kind of melee weapon to kill zombies.

Death by remote [20G]Use any kind of remote weapon to kill zombies.

Explosive character [20G]Kill the zombies with all kinds of explosives.

Massacre while having fun [20G].
He uses all kinds of weird weapons on zombies. You'll be able to achieve this in multiple games, and you'll only have to use the bizarre weapon in question once on one zombie, so there's no need to kill it:

-Lizard Mask
-Pack of marbles
-Beach Volleyball
-Carton silhouette ( You'll find it in the cinema )
-Jumbo mug
-Jumbo mobile phone
-Bottle of liquor Novelty
-Jumbo bottle of perfume
-Decorated square
-Fun frame ( You can only find it during the mission "Passion for Art", this painting is the same one you will have to bring to Katey as a gift! )
-Giant Die
-Jiggly bull hair
-Jiggly donkey hair
-Jumbo elephant fur
-Jigger rabbit fur
-Goblin Mask
-Piece of meat
-Torch of freedom
-Toy helicopter
-Ball shooter
-Toys hammer
-Water Rifle
-Jumbo chip
-Playing cards
-Zombie Mask
-Whipped cream
-Rose Robot
-Mask Servbot
-small square
-Horse with rod
-Mask Tiki

Come on! Follow me! [20G]Escort 8 survivors together, very easy to get during the first missions of the game, but if there are no other survivors and you only have 5: leave them inside the Maintenance Room near the shelter and go back to the shelter without them, take new missions, and run straight out of the shelter to interrupt the flow of life that goes down to the survivors, now face the new missions so you have more survivors. IMPORTANT, take plenty of food with you so that you can offer it to your companions in times of need.

Hero of the Day [20G]Save 10 survivors.

Fortune City Hero [20G]Save 50 survivors.

Find me a chainsaw [20G]Create a combo weapon.

The combo player [20G]Creates all combo weapons.

The way of the apprentice [20G]Reach level 25.

The way of the pro [20G]Reach level 50.

Fashionable [20G]He wears 10 different clothes.

Chuck Greene the transvestite [20G]He wears all the costumes in the game.

Case Solved
[20G]Solve the facts.

Bartender [20G]Mix a drink.

All in one breath!
[20G]Make and drink all the mixed drinks in the game.
Follow the drinks to stir:

1-Orange juice + Orange juice = Nectar
2-Beer + Beer = Painkiller
3-Milk + Jellybeans = Fast Pass
4-Chili + Chili = Energetic
5-Beer + Olia = Randomizer
6-Chilli + Ketchup = Repulsive
7-Ketchup + Ketchup = Fire-breather
8-Back + Bacon = Untouchable
9-Gummy Candy + Chili = Zombait

Finally satiated [20G]Eat all kinds of game food.

Full throttle
[20G]Kill 1,000 "special" zombies.

Father of the month [20G]Give Katey a present.

Father of the Year
[20G]Give Katey all the presents you can.

Justice is done [20G]Complete Extra mode. The Extra mode is the OVERTIME mode that you can only get with the S ending, the best ending of the game, here are the requirements:

-Complete all the cases in the main story (forget survivors and psychopaths but concentrate on solving the facts. )
-AlWAYS give the Zombrex to Katey whenever she needs it.
-Close the door to the shelter when it's opened. -Mm-hmm.
-Give the Zombrex to T.K. when he asks.
-Finish the missions provided by T.K. and win the final battle.

In two is better [20G]Solve all case files in Co-op.

Healer [20G]Bring another player back to life in Co-op.

Hands pierced [20G]You spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City. To get this huge amount of money you will have to play a lot of TIR mode, use the Hacker weapon (PC case + flashlight) on ATMs, or take several magazines that double your winnings and play with mega slot machines in casinos. Still, it remains a very tedious goal to achieve.

Loyal customer [20G]Log in to all shops in the game. Can be unlocked in multiple games.

Masquerade [20G]Put the mask on 10 zombies in a row. The masks can be found in various toy shops in Fortune City, for example in the Royal Flush Palza area inside the Ye Old Toybox. Now all you need to do is take 10 masks and put them on 10 zombies in a row.

Improper behaviour
[20G]Spray all Zombrex posters with paint.

TK's coconut
20G]Participate and win in all 9 TIR events.

Rising Star
[20G]Comes first in a TIR event.

Win big! [20G]Conclude a truck episode in first position.

Custom finish
[20G]Paint your bike. Once you get the bike, then complete the "Here are the challengers" mission where you must eliminate the psychopath Leon Bell, go into Leon's truck with a can of paint and combine it with the bike.

The curious collector [20G]Collect all the combo cards hidden in Fortune City. There are billboards that once read will give Chuck an idea of the combo card. You can get them in multiple games.

The saver [20G]Collect all survivors' combo cards. You only need to save all the survivors, you can get it in several games.

Tough guy
[20G]Collect all the combo cards from the psychos. Just kill all the psychos, you can get it in multiple games.

Half bunch [20G]Collect 25 combo cards.

Full deck
[20G]Collect all combo cards. You'll have to get all the combo cards from the survivors, all from psychopaths, all the ones scattered in Fortune City and all the ones you get by leveling up.

Data Mine [20G]Fill in all the entries in the notebook. You can get it in several games. You will only need to have met all the characters in the game, both survivors and psychopaths, at least once.

The Destroyer [20G]Take down 100 zombies using the Destruction ability. Level up until you get this ability, once you get this ability, killing 100 zombies will be a piece of cake.

Attacker [20G]Place weapons and objects on a zombie by covering it. Go to the Yucatan Casino's gastronomic area, enter the place and collect the 2 paintings near the cashier.
( small picture and big picture ). Collect the mask that is on the cashier's counter (any other mask of the game, such as the yellow servbot mask, is fine too) and go towards a zombie: now put on him in this order the big one, the small one, the mask and then collect a barrel near the entrance of the Yucatan Casino gastronomic area and put it on him too. To put the objects on him, simply hold down the action button.

Wild Fauna [20G]Tame Snowflake.

Tape it or DIE! SECRET
[20G]You discovered the secret combo card. You have to combine a Queen Bee and the Nectar cocktail, which can be obtained by mixing orange juice with orange juice in the blender.

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