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    Dead or Alive 2 PlayStation 2 cheats and codes

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    Dead or Alive 2, which many know simply as DOA2, is a fighting game genre released in an arcade version in 1999, a title that is part of the famous “Dead or Alive” series.

    The video game arrived in Japan and North America and was later converted for the consul Sega Dreamcast. A video game that has inspired numerous remakes and which features the characters of the first Dear or Alive. The tournament of the first chapter was in fact the work of DOATEC itself, which had kidnapped Kasumi on the specific orders of a mad scientist, Victor Donovan.
    He wants to use the girl as a subject of study in Project Alpha, which basically consists of cloning people, in this case of Kasumi, by means of a powerful biochemical weapon. Kasumi is actually cloned but escapes from the laboratory where she is locked up and meets Kasumi Alpha, her clone. If the appearance of the clone is in all respects identical to that of Kasumi, the same cannot be said for the character, decidedly ruthless and cruel. 

    Meanwhile, DOATEC had kidnapped Hayate from his bed of agony to use him as a study subject in Project Epsilon, heir to Project Alpha. The rest is to be discovered, we certainly do not want to spoil the surprise if you have never played DOA2.

    In the “Stage Select” screen, by pressing the “Square” button to select the following stages, the player will be able to start from different points on the screen.

    The White Storm
    The Demon's Church
    The Crimson
    The Burai Zenin
    The Dragon Hills

    You can change the time of day by pressing the “O” key when selecting the stage.

    Complete Story Mode with every character in the game on Easy level. At this point you will be able to select Bayman in all modes except "Story Mode".

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