Dead Island: Survivors - Guide to Heroes and Weapons

Dead Island: Survivors is finally available on Google Play Store and App Store. To survive you need to know in detail all the mechanics that the game offers. In this guide, you'll find some tips on Heroes, Weapons and the most important items to take into battle.

If you play it for the first time, you may have trouble understanding the game mechanics of Dead Island Survivor. In this article, everything you need to know is explained. If you'd like an even more complete overview, you can consult the beginner's strategy guide.

Guide Dead Island: Survivors

Guide to Heroes

You can select a hero to go straight into battle and a hero as a companion. In battle, you can control the hero by touching what interests you on screen, if you touch a zombie you will manually inflict damage to enemies. For now, the game features nine heroes

  • Sam B.
  • Marshanda
  • Logan Carter
  • Cody Richards
  • Nomad
  • Kylie Q.
  • Banzan
  • Zadar
  • John Morgan

At the start of the game, you have Sam B and Marshanda. All the characters have different stats:

  • Attack power
  • Health Points
  • Regeneration of health (automatic restoration of health/travel to a safe zone)
  • Speed

And all heroes have pros and cons. Go to the main screen of the game -> tap the Collect button -> scroll down to the heroes tab -> there you can check the character list. Tap the character to check their pros and cons.

How to unlock new characters / heroes?

To unlock new heroes you simply need to move forward as much as possible. As you advance to new islands, new heroes will unlock. For example: John Morgan (Card) can be found on Island 4.

How to upgrade heroes?

Powering the hero has a cost. The cash that serves the purpose can be obtained from suitcases. The suitcase can be acquired by obtaining victories in battle.

In addition, you must meet the requirements of the cards. For example, to upgrade Sam B to level 3, you need 12 Sam B cards. Open the suitcases to get the cards.

If you have enough money or cards, go to the Collection tab -> tap the hero icon -> press the upgrade or level-up button.

How to select or change the hero for battle?

Go to the main screen -> touch the zombie -> touch the attack icon. On the next screen, tap the Ready button. After that, tap the hero icon and select the hero you want to play with.

Weapons guide

All heroes have a different set of weapons. The game Dead Island: Survivors has over 25 weapons. To check the complete list, go to the Collect screen -> scroll down -> weapons -> tap the weapon for more information.

How to unlock new weapons?

When you complete an island by defeating all zombies, new weapon cards are unlocked. You will receive them from the suitcase that will be given to you as a reward.

How to upgrade weapons?

Get duplicate weapon cards and once you have enough duplicate cards, go to the collection screen -> weapon -> tap the level-up button and confirm.

How to equip weapons?

Before starting the battle, tap the weapon icon on the equipment screen. And select or change the weapon.

Consumables guide

The game includes 8 types of consumable items such as health drinks, grenades, meat packs, mines, the water bomb and much more. You can consume these items during a battle. For example, throw the grenade at a group of zombies, use the health drink to recover health.

You can also upgrade these items. All you need are the consumables cards. Open the briefcases to find them. To find more, save the survivors by defeating all the zombies on an island.

Cards Guide

There are various types of cards:

  • Weapon Cards
  • Hero Cards
  • Cards Trap
  • Consumable cards

The cards also have two levels of rarity:

  • Rare
  • Epic

Open the briefcases to get the cards. Duplicate cards can be used for upgrades. And to get new cards, you'll have to complete all the battles on the island.

If you want more tips on the game, you can consult the guide to getting more diamonds and the guide to setting traps.

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