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If hunting monsters has always been your dream as a gamer but you've already stripped all the chapters of Monster Hunter down to the bone, if you want a challenging, satisfying and, above all, zero cost title, you'd better take a look at Dauntless . The title, developed and published by Phoenix Labs, is an RPG action that bases its gameplay on PvE and, automatically, on collaboration between the various players. Users will have to go on the hunt for Behemot, the increasingly large monsters that haunt the game world. Given the not inconsiderable level of challenge, as it happens in similar titles, choosing your equipment will be the first and fundamental step that any player will have to take. In this guide, we'll guide you through the choice of the weapon best suited to your style of play.

Dauntless The characteristics of the various weapons available

Although the game is still in open beta (the official publication on PC is expected in a few months), the contents it makes available to Dauntless us are not absolutely indifferent. It goes without saying that, to hunt for Behemot, we will need a weapon, and the Phoenix Labs title gives us five of them: sword, hammer, chain blade, axe and spear. As in other titles of the same genre, all the weapons now listed can be upgraded through the various materials obtained by the monsters that we will defeat in our game sessions. As some may have already understood, it will be the crafting one of the fulcrum on which will rotate the gameplay of Dauntless .

As happens in many role-playing games, it will not be possible to start with an arsenal already "complete". Unlike what we saw in Monster Hunter: World, where the basic weapons were already all available, in Dauntless the player will start his adventure only with the sword. After having shot down the first Behemot, in fact, he will have access to the hammer, the chain blade and, shortly after, the axe. To get the spear, however, we will have to wait a while: this weapon, in fact, will not be available until much later in the game, after completing a good number of kills of monsters and after improving sufficiently the weapons already in your possession, bringing the title of Weapon Master at least to level 4. However, there's no need to worry: the weapons you already have will be more than enough to make the most of your approach to the game, whatever it is.

The various types of damage in the game

Pending official release.

Each weapon will inflict a different type of damage, in fact, in the game we can find: puncture damage, impact damage and tear damage. Probably many players will only care about the amount of damage inflicted by a specific weapon, and not even the type of damage, but we assure you that, when you have to shoot down a Behemot of large size, the type of damage inflicted will have a considerable weight of determining the outcome of the fight. In addition, beyond the three different types of damage previously indicated, you can also identify four further subcategories of it; however, what we are going to list completely disregards the type of weapon used.

  • Basic Damage: This is basically the damage you're going to inflict on the Behemot on duty with your attacks. When one of your attacks hits, the amount of damage inflicted will appear in the form of toll-free numbers;
  • Part Damage: In case you go to face large monsters, you can inflict damage to specific parts of their body. As it happens in other games belonging to the same category, you Dauntless will be able to gain a strategic advantage from damaging a single limb of the Behemot that is facing. For example, if you want to cut the tail of your prey, the damage you inflict on that particular body part will be shown with yellow numbers. The parts of a Behemot can be damaged with any type of weapon, but you can, for example, only cut off the tail using a weapon that can inflict tear damage;
  • Stagger Damage: During a fight, being able to stun or stagger your opponent could be a significant advantage. Well, this type of damage serves just that purpose. If you see blue numbers appear after a hit, it means you're one step closer to knocking the Behemot you're dealing with unconscious for a moment. Generally, any kind of weapon can inflict Stagger Damage, being careful to hit the monster's head or legs. However, as some may imagine, hammer impact damage is the one that works better than any other;
  • Wound Damage: You may notice a small cut on the body of the monster you're dealing with after an attack. Well, all this means that you have inflicted a wound on the Behemot! This type of damage will be shown to you through red numbers, and it means that if you launch a new attack right there, you'll cause more and more damage. If you see a blue hetero coming out, it can be used to upgrade your lantern;

Dauntless How to choose your weapon

Be careful never to underestimate your opponents.

As we said at the beginning, from the very first bars of the game you will have access to four of the five weapons available in Dauntless . Each of them will be characterized by two different attacks, one light and one heavy, and a whole series of combos that you can perform. As we have already seen in the series of Monster Hunter, each of the weapons in your arsenal, beyond the type of damage that will inflict, will ensure a different type of approach to the battles in which you're going to try. In summary, a weapon will be an integral part of your character's "class". Precisely according to what is now written, our advice is to choose the weapon that suits you best and upgrade it as much as you can.

Below, we will analyze in detail all the weapons in Dauntless :

  • Sword (Tear Damage): This weapon will be the first one the game makes available to you, and it comes with two different attacks, one heavy and the other normal. If you strike a more powerful blow with the first one, it won't be indicated at all against fast-moving enemies. With the standard attack, however, you can not only deliver more shots in rapid succession, but you can also make your indicator of the special technique of this weapon faster. It will consist of an elemental bullet, allowing you to hit Behemot while staying at "safe distance";
  • Hammer (Impact Damage): This is probably the slowest weapon in the game. Although the damage the hammer can inflict is by far the highest, this weapon can show unexpected versatility. In fact, there's a gun in its handle that you'll be able to hit monsters with while keeping your distance. However, do not think you have a machine gun in your hands: after a few shots, in fact, you'll have to reload the weapon. In this case there is no indicator to fill, and the special technique of the hammer will consist in the simple (but vital) reloading the weapon;
  • Chain Blades: Chain Blades are the ideal weapon for short- and mid-range combat. If you love freedom of movement in combat, your choice will automatically fall on this weapon. Even though the damage inflicted is not very high, with these blades you can both approach a Behemot quickly and move away from it just as quickly. With Chain Blades you'll attack with a high frequency and make unpredictability your strong point;
  • Axe (Tear-Off Damage): although not an exactly agile weapon, the Axe guarantees more "freedom of manoeuvre" than the Hammer. With this weapon you will be able to attack both horizontally and vertically, and you will also be allowed to load your shots. If, on the one hand, in this way, you will be exposed to the offensive of monsters, in case you have to carry out a loaded attack, you will completely fill the indicator for your special skill, which, in the case of the Axe, consists in an increase in its attack values, which, among other things, is cumulative with other bonuses, and also with a new execution of the skill in question;
  • Lance (Perforation Damage): Although getting this weapon will not be immediate, the lance is undoubtedly the most versatile weapon in Dauntless . Not only will it allow us to attack from a distance, but thanks to it, we can inflict both puncture and tear damage. In addition, it is the best weapon with which you can attack and destroy the various parts of a Behemot;

As you will have understood from this guide, there Dauntless is not a "right" and another "wrong" weapon to play with, but only weapons that fit more or less to your style of play. What has now been said does not extend only to "solo" hunts, but especially to group hunts, where everyone will have to know their role in the party and, therefore, know their weapon just as well.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the best weapon in Dauntless?

The best single weapon Of each and every Dauntless weapon, the sword is by far the most versatile and serves as a fabulous weapon for beginners and experienced hunters alike.

What weapon is Dauntless?

How to play Dauntless Hammer?

The Dauntless Hammer is not a traditional hammer. You can load ammo into the weapon and fire it at close range to disrupt Behemoths when you have Concussive Salve equipped. You can also use Evasive Streak to interrupt and evade an attack at the same time.October 28, two thousand and nineteen

How to get the Dauntless pistol?

Players will simply have to complete the quests offered in Ramsgate until such time as they receive "Go Forth and Slay". Along the way, these players will have access to every single weapon in the game, except for the Dauntless Repeaters.May 22, two thousand and nineteen

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