Darksiders 2: Guide to the Soul Arbiter's Maze Labyrinth

The Labyrinth of the Souls Arbiter's Maze in Darksiders 2 ... you have entered it and no longer know how to get out!?! I guess!!!! Don't worry, you've come to the right place.

Below, in fact, you will find the guide to the solution of the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth of the Soul Arbiter's Mace is located, as you can see from the photo, near the City of the Dead.

Inside the labyrinth you'll find 10 levels with various portals, more precisely five for each level, one from which you'll enter and 4 others of which only one is the one that will allow you to move forward.

In each of the levels you'll find 10 scrolls that will show you the correct sequence to go through the portals and reach the next level and 10 scrolls that will show you how to reach secret rooms and get rich rewards.

Although for completion you do NOT NEED to have all of the Soul Arbiter's scrolls with the coordinates.

Before starting this adventure, we recommend that you make sure you are in possession of the Echidna Tusks (which can only be equipped at level 15), which will allow you to regenerate life points from enemies for every blow you inflict.

This maze will be a real test of patience, as the waves of enemies are highly nerve-wracking and if you get the coordinates wrong you will have to repeat them.

At the end of the labyrinth, you'll also have to deal with the Boss Arbiter of Anime.

Declination - Level 1

Next level: North - West
Secret Room: South - East

Apprenticeship - Level 2
Next level: East - South - North
Secret Room: North - North

Opposition - Level 3

Next level: West - East - North - North
Secret Room: North - South - East

Separation - Level 4
Next level: East - West - North - South
Secret Room: West - East - North

Deception - Level 5

Next level: West - West - North - East
Secret Room: West - North - South

Insulation - Level 6
Next level: South - East - East - North
Secret Room: East - East - South

Repulsion - Level 7

Next level: South - West - East - East
Secret Room: South - South - West - North

Inversion - Level 8
Next level: North - West - North - East
Secret Room: North - South - East - North

Blessing - Level 9

Next level: East - North - East - North - South
Secret Room: South - West - East - North

Apprenticeship - Level 10

Next level: West - East - North - South - West
Secret room: North - South - East - West

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