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Cut the Rope 2 or Cut the Rope Experiments is the sequel to Cut the Rope, the logic game created by the Russian gaming company ZeptoLab and published by Chillingo in 2010. This sequel introduces new elements as well as a new story and characters. The Professor, for example, “provides rundown commentary” throughout the game as players unlock new levels and hidden photos that reveal information about the Om Nom character.


Do experiments to give candy to Om Nom! Cut the rope like never before. Everything you love about the original Cut the Rope and new ways to play! 200 levels and constant updates with new animations, Cut the Rope:Experiments consists of 8 level packs with 200 levels; exceptional graphics and a cute creature. Here’s how you can download Cut the Rope: Experiments for Android


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Cut the Rope 2 for PC for free allows you to enter a world of fun with Om Nom while solving puzzles at the same time. The game lets you play on other devices because it’s synchronized with Google Play and the App Store, so don’t worry and start playing from your PC!


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In Cut the Rope:Experiments you have to feed candy to Om Nom, the little green creature on the screen. On each level, a piece of candy hangs from one or more ropes, which when cut will move or swing the candy in two directions.

  • With the help of floating bubbles and bellows, and the time you have to manipulate and control the swinging of the rope so that the candy will fall and reach the mouth of Om Nom.
  • You must also avoid different obstacles that make it difficult for Om Nom to get their candy. This is where its physics background is most useful because you get to think about which rope to cut first, the effect of gravity and the other forces acting on it.


Apart from the goal of feeding Om Nom, another goal is to collect stars! Each level is rated from zero to three stars, depending on how many stars you were able to collect, and also on how long it takes you to finish or complete the challenge.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • You can move several slides at the same time
  • Bugs only die if you cut the wire where they are
  • Although you can skip the levels for later, a minimum number of stars is required to open up new worlds

1. There is more than one way to feed an Om Nom
There’s rarely a single way to get past a level in Cut the Rope Experiments. That’s part of what makes it so fun! The way I can choose to clear a level might be different from the next person.


Of course, some levels are quite simple, but sometimes the most obvious solution is not the only one. In some cases, there are ways to clear levels that not only save you time, but also increase your score.

2. Explore each level, don’t be afraid to reboot

Resetting a level in Cut the Rope is a touch button and you should use reset quite often. Don’t be afraid to cut strings, touch items to see what they do, drop candy and more.

One of our favorite things about Cut the Rope has always been the pressure-free atmosphere of the game. The point is to think things through and solve the puzzle that is set in front of you. Not all of us can do that at once, and that’s perfectly fine.


3. Beat the clock to get a better score

It’s relatively easy to get all three stars at each level, but it’s not easy to get the highest scores.

This goes back to tip #1 where there is usually more than one way to complete a level. Naturally, some of these ways are much faster than others.

Your score is directly related not only to the number of stars you get (you only need one to clear the level and move one), but also how quickly you manage to do so. If you want higher ratings in Game Center, you’ll need to replay some levels to complete them faster.


4. Know your enemies, friends and obstacles around you

Many obstacles stand in Om Nom’s way, but there are so many friends who seem to help him. So, along with exploring each level as I said in tip #2, make sure you are aware of what each friend brings to the table. For example, on the levels where Lick is present, the first thing we always do is touch him to see exactly what he joins. That way I can see clear paths and relate to other objects and obstacles with relative ease.

5. Unlock additional levels at each stage

Each stage in Cut the Rope 2 has 20 levels, but you can unlock an additional 5 by doing one of two things: either you can find all the medals in that level pack or you can find the missing trophies. If you don’t want to do that, you can buy the additional levels in each pack for $0.99 each.


But who wants to do that? I’ve found that trebles aren’t too hard to collect, but the medal missions create a more fun challenge in itself. Keep an eye on them after completing a level. Just touch the medal to see what you have to do to win it and play those levels again.

And keep reading… because now we show you where the 10 hidden pictures of the Professor’s album are hidden!

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